Cybele Green Villa sites

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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby kbaijuk » July 4th, 2012, 9:52 pm

Myself and my friend finally booked two plots in Cybele. They have got the BDA approval last week. Survey number is 135/1 Kithaganur. you can see it on map We are waiting for bank loan approval.

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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby hkrish » July 5th, 2012, 2:12 am

Subbu, Baiju

Thank you for your answers. Owner is now quoting 2400 per sft, which i think is quite high for that locality.
Subbu, did you say you paid the full amount of 2000 per sft for the whole site during agreement itself ?


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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby kbaijuk » July 5th, 2012, 11:28 am

Hi krish,
Yes I do feel that 2400/sqft is very high. May be they increased it after getting BDA approval, When I checked last week they quoted 2250/sqft final for a west facing one.

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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby sanjaymi » July 6th, 2012, 1:32 pm

Hi Baiju,

I also visited this site. 2400 looks very very high cost considering this area. For how much land they got BDA approval? I saw there were 36 sites in around 2 acre land. Looks like for additional land there might be BDA approval in progress. Not sure. Please let us know your opinion. Appreciate your support. Thanks.

Sanjay Mishra

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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby kbaijuk » July 6th, 2012, 7:39 pm

Hi Sanjay,
I think BDA approval for 2 acres. Also it seems like they are expanding the project. You can get the exact details from the developer.

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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby hkrish » July 10th, 2012, 12:29 am


Developer told that opposite to layout is their Cyber villa project which they're planning,
but no extension of this particular BDA-villa plot, i re-checked on this one.
They will get release of their next 40% of plots after this 60% sold-out, so looks like still time is there.

I tried roam further and checked on Asthi Tranquility, which is in same locality, more closer
to bus-stand and behind Buildmann Villas and near to Sai Garderns. It is BDA approved, developer just told 60% sold out and waiting for release of second phase (40%) plots
in 3-4 months time and said from site- 50 onwards to end is available. Earlier it went for 1350/- per sft.
And for next phase it will be increased to 1850/- per sft, which i thought is the right price for that locality.
He also told he will inform once he gets the approval.

I enquired nearby houses, and also our forum for aasthi online, looks like these BDA layouts formed on 2009-10 and very slow moving.
My friend, who is a plot expert said for a plot/locality to appreciate, there must be approach roads/main roads which people use both sides.
In this case, both layouts have dead-end, after that green belt. Second some nearby IT-companies or ring road has to come. But most importantly
approach roads. Looking at history, it seems quite bleak for improvement.
(Buyers of Cybele please dont feel hurt, about my review). On the way back saw a snake moving from stone quarry to the bushes.
My wife gave me a stern look.

My family is saying, anyway its going to take 2-3 yrs or more for that locality to develop, so why not wait for aasthi.
Im totally confused. Looks like everywhere we need to wait, cannot buy and build immediately.

I also checked other BDA-plots to see if the price is justified.
I visited Ani-Eco Zone which is in K.R.Puram, connecting to white field in short cut.
Near by Sai-athena, Skylark villas, many BBMP layouts were there. It was also beautiful over looking
the lake.They're quoting 2600/- (FINAL), (Only Rs 200 more). But locality is livable and immediate construction can be done.
Good appreciation possibilities, as nearby Confident is quoting 3500 per sft. Im seriously considering this one.

Also visited Kanakashree layout in Hennur-Bagalur main road, (3100 Final) but very good BDA layout.
So honestly speaking, price is not justified here. But developers are quoting because BDA plot, people will anyway BUY.

Any other BDA sites i missed !! Any helpful suggestions.


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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby kbaijuk » July 10th, 2012, 5:02 pm

Hi Krish,
From an investor point of view I agree with you regarding the appreciation factor. This area will take minimum 2to 3 years to get developed and to get basic amenities, even it may go beyond that. So any one who want only to invest for a short term may not find this layout as a wise option. Already the price is on the upper side so further appreciation in short term going to be marginal. It all depend on the buyers who is purchasing plots in these layouts, if people are ready to construct house and stay there area will get improvements soon.
As of now we are not planning for investment and it’s for long term , our aim was to get a plot in an approved layout with a reasonable price in our budget for constructing own house in future, also the area should be somewhat equally reachable to all IT parks (I think except electronic city all other IT parks are in one hour distance maximum). We found its good in our perspectives.
Even I like Kanakasree in Kannur village but the problem was sellers were asking at least 50% cash, so we opt out. Confident Whitefield was a good option at the time of launch with a reasonable price of 2500/sqft, but the folks increased to 3000/sqft within 1 month time. And now you are saying 3500/sqft is nowhere near to original price in 4 months’ time. I wonder actually they sold any site for 2500/sqft or it was just marketing technique to attract people?

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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby msmsyn » July 11th, 2012, 6:38 pm

Hi kbaijuk,

My name is Subbu and my contact no. is 9900717841. I am interested to know your's and your friends contact numbers Given that we would be neighbours in 2-3 years time........would be very useful for Bank loan Processing as well as for Construction as we can get good deal if we do the same together. I know few people in SBI and Vijaya Bank whom we can approach together in case you are interested.


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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby rajnair71 » October 4th, 2012, 7:24 pm

I am planning to buy a site here. Met their representative. They are quoting Rs.2400 and may come down to Rs.2350. Right now they give loan from Axis Bank. Can any one already purchased here share the contact number please ?

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Re: Cybele Green Villa sites

Postby ravirkkm » November 18th, 2013, 2:08 pm

Hi all,
Yesterday I went to see the site. Compound wall, Gate have been painted. Plants have been planted infront of each site. Electric transformer has been set up (actually it was set up few months back). Now the site looks great. Builder said that unreleased plots would be released by this week.
Mine is unreleased plot. Eagerly waiting it to be released :)
They have also started the work on their another project (which is adjacent to this property) which is also BDA approved.
Guys, we should be in touch.
- Ravi

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