A Khata vs B Khata

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Re: A Khata vs B Khata

Postby prvijai » June 28th, 2011, 5:26 pm

I have finalised a site in Green Glen layout, Bellandur.
The site is DC converted and has a khatha, but I am not sure if it is B khatha or A khatha.
Anyone has any knowledge of this layout and knows whether any sites in this layout have A khatha?
also, if there are any sample copies of A khatha or receipts of betterment charges are there, please send to me. (I know this is asking for too much, but just in case!!)..

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Re: A Khata vs B Khata

Postby lendenwala » April 30th, 2013, 11:48 am

It is really confusing me on the BBMP and BDA.
In the Revised Master Plan (RMP) BDA town planning has included new areas under residential zone.
Now that BBMP has merged all the 7 CMC's into it, whereas these (almost) are still non-converted lands and no betterment charges paid, BDA has earmarked them into residential zone vide its RMP.
if such lands are meant for residential purpose declared by town planning division of BDA then why BBMP asks for conversion of such lands for issuing 'A' khata.
conversion is required for change in land use made known to govt., here govt. (BDA) itself has issued such RMP notifying about the usage of land.

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