Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

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Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby biddappa_c_b » March 23rd, 2013, 9:29 pm

Hi All, this is my ongoing experience which I am facing for getting Khata Transfer. I recently bought a site near Abhiman Studio and have been struggling to get the Khata Transfer done to my name. I went via an agent and initially he said we I need to pay 12k as bribe and the regular fees for khata transfer. This needs to be done in Kengeri office. We started the process in the beginning of March and it was filed on Mid March.
The issue started after that. There were multiple stupid reasons provided by the RI stating the sale deed was not right, rectification deed is required, khatha not done properly, Sale deed does not have the correct details etc..even though everything is correct. I had to personally visit the office today though I am indisposed due to a fracture in my leg. Imagine the excruciating physical pain, not to mention the mental tension. We were in the office from 11 am and multiple calls to the RI he said he is coming/on the way/in a meeting/parking the car....etc..We met the case worker and he said everything is absolutely fine and why are here issues for this case? he asked where is the RI? well we all know the answer for that :)...nyway...RI finally came at around 2:30 pm, I struggled with my fractured foot. Meanwhile someone told me, the RI is asking for 25k as bribe, pay 15k and we will get the work done. I think this is the norm there. One of the agent told me that we need to pay 30k, the other told me 20k. Guys this is ridiculus. The Khatha transfer only costs me within 3k and imagine the bribe we need to pay?
The RI came , we spoke to him, he called up the other guy(who toldme about the 25k but pau 15k.....) and then the other guy spoke to my agent. I realized then that all this "CHAKKAR" was only for the bribe....
Now they are saying that they need 17k bribe to pass this else it will not happen. Betterment charges are already paid for this site, but in the office they say that a new circular has been in place in March 2013 that we need to pay the remainder betterment charges. I asked how much, they said a whooping 65k :shock: ....has anyone heard of this new circular that has been passed by BBMP?
Has anyone faced the same issues? I have heard of Sakala and RTI but I also heard that once we go through them, they will scrutinize the papers even though its in the correct format and it will get delayed.

Please BBMP listening to all of woes? where can we get case has started to proceed but I am told I need to pay 17k. This is our hard earned money. If we do not have money does that mean we cannot get these services done?

Anyone , please advise

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby tamya » March 23rd, 2013, 11:11 pm

Check this

Any reason given by BBMP/BDA for not having proper documents must be in written communication in the form not verbal.
So ask for that and then you have RTI route to fight.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby tvsh » March 24th, 2013, 12:27 pm

Why don't you apply directly and keep quiet till you hear back from BBMP. They need the revenue, sooner or later they are going to send you a notice about the amount of fees to be paid. If you tell them that you need the khata to construct a house, they will take you a for a ride.

You can follow the procedure outlined here

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby msn1270 » March 24th, 2013, 1:14 pm


When better things are in place, people are not ready to utilise it. You need to invest time/effort and be patient.

Instead of going through agents/multiple people, apply through RTI on the requriements and procedure to be followed to get the Khata Transfer work. Once you get the details from BBMP, follow the same and apply your khata transfer request through Sakala scheme.

Here they're bound by time as well as the procedure prescribed by themselves and for everything they need to give their reasons in writing. If you find any deficiency in their service you can move to higher and penalise them.

Recently using the same tool, An entire apartment owners(70+) got their Khata without paying any bribe at their doorstep personally delivered by the BBMP Special Commissioner Niranjan recently, after struggling for 9 months(due to deviation by the developer from the sanctioned plan, but not ready to pay penalty for it and on other side as usual corrupt BBMP officials).

Also remember, Lokayuka, TV9, Suvarna News channel are always there to support common people with this kind of scenario.

Two days back, TV9 Team trapped a Fire Station Inspector who was intentionally delaying for many weeks for giving a Certificate to claim insurance for the damages happened for a small scale industry which was gutted in a fire mishap recently. They hatched aplan and trapped him taking 6K as bribe in order to give a clearance Certificate & successfully aired on TV channel.
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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby niarhab » March 24th, 2013, 2:45 pm

I agree with MSN. Why dont U use RTI, Sakala schemes ? It will save U a lot of money. If educated people like U cant use this, then its as if U are encouraging these corrupt officials.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby aries31 » March 25th, 2013, 10:14 am

Hi Biddappa,

I have come to realize that if our paperwork is correct, we are willing to fight and drop hints to the officials that we will fight-to-the-finish, they will do the job without bribes (MUDA, Passport office, RTO, Gas cyl etc etc). The only downside is it may suck up significant amounts of time.

Please check whether the said service is covered under "sakaala" scheme . Try keeping a running log of visits, whom you met etc. RTI is a good tool, though I haven't had the "pleasure" of using it.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby kmmmylar » March 27th, 2013, 8:57 pm

please contact joint commissioner RRnagar,BBMP regarding this matter.your case will be solved immidietly.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby biddappa_c_b » April 3rd, 2013, 9:42 pm

Hi all,

Thank you very much for all your advise. After the last visit to BBMP kengeri office, I heard that the file has been transferred to RR nagar office. Now the agent tells me that the officers are not available due to election duty. He said that once the file is transferred from RR nagar office(expected this Friday) it will take another 3 - 4 days to bifurcate the khata and transfer it in my name. The agent said once the file moves from RR nagar to Kengeri office again they will ask for the DD. Once the DD is given I will get the Khata on the same day. I will wait for end of next week and then will apply for RTI with the acknowledgement.

Next I have to look into getting the plan approval. I intend not to pay any bribe here. I will follow all the rules as per the guidelines and let us see how it works out. I would need all your constant guidance.

Once again a BIG Thank you to all of you for all your advice. Each one of them are priceless.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby biddappa_c_b » May 27th, 2013, 5:17 pm

Hi All,

Its me again. Getting more frustrated but more determined now.
I visited the BBMP office Kengeri. The agent to whom I had paid 5k was telling all stories hence I took the matter to my hands. The process started on March 13th 2013 and , went last saturday to the office and the RI was not there(GOD only knows when he is on office). They said come on Monday after 3 pm. I visited the office today and below is what happened:
1. The case worker mentioned contact the RI.
2. RI told contact the case worker.
3. I told RI that the case worker told me to contact you.
4. He blabbered that you require to get all these docs. get it. I asked him can you please give it to me in writing. He said go contact the caseworker.
5. The case worker said his collegue "Should I attend the public or do this. I will do it tomorrow". He said this at 3:45 pm. What nonsense!!!!!
6. I did not give up, I went again to the "MADAM" who should sign the paper.
7. She did not care. She has a loud voice and only knows to shout. Wish she was not a lady, I would have shouted at her back. I kept my cool.
8. She mentioned provide the docs and I will sign. I said I have the docs now. She said submit it I will sign it tomorrow. I requested her, I am unable to follow up like this as I have to attend office and also have a fratured foot. She(with a loud voice) said I got the file today. I will sign it tomorrow.
What the hell!!!! She does not have the decency to even talk properly. How can Govt employees talk like this. If in software industry you talk like this, you will be demoted.She had all the time in the world but did not sign.
9. I asked her how long it will take. She said "How will I know, I will sign and send it to RR nagar office, follow up there". She has got some cheek!!!! Well yes she does, as I am sure they know they can get away with all this.
I came back home and looked at all your emails. I will again follow up on Saturday and then take next steps.

Some of you had suggested TV9, Suvarna news etc. HAve any of you have any contacts there or provide more info. Please provide me more info so that I can plan accordingly. Any help appreciated.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby biddappa_c_b » June 4th, 2013, 8:55 pm

Continuation of my plight...but I am becoming more stubborn....

I called the ARO Venkatalakshi (Kengeri BBMP) multiple times from 29th to 31st May, she said talk to the RI,talk to Caseworker, none of those 2 give any answers. She told me on Wednesday that there was strike!!!!

I visited the office on Saturday June 1st 2013, was shocked to see that the file was not signed. She was already shouting at everyone while I was there. She again told me the file was given to her for the first time, I reminded her about the history. She told me to talk to RI, he was there and he wrote something. She told him why he is giving her the file now, he told her he had done his work and she had not signed. Then she signed and then told me to come after 2 days and collect the number and then follow up on my own.

I called on tuesday and she transferred the phone to the caseworker. The case worker , Lingaraju told me to call him at 4:30 pm today and he did not lift the phone. 2 of my representatives had gone to follow up. Now the story is none of my papers were notorised and I need to notorise them to move again. What the hell were they doing for 3 months? This is sheer abuse of the authority that they have.
I have called Sakala and raised a complaint, number 2900. I am waiting to hear from Sakala. I have approached Suvarna news. They have provided their number, I will call them tomorrow.

Anyone, ANYONE, is there someone who can really take these people to task.

I have seen this website where there are stories against Lingaraju, the same caseworker who is dealing my case ... mp-rr.html

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