Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby raghudrao » June 5th, 2013, 3:20 pm

Hello Mr. Biddappa,

Its the trick that these corrupt people at BBMP office play with the public. Most of the people fall prey to them -

What public lack is :
- they are not patient enough to first understand the whole process and note down what all is required to be submitted to get the khata or other thing - public seem to be always in a hurry
- public have this mentality that if you pay bribe you work WILLNOT happen at all during this life time
- public also feel afraid of these BBMP folks and assume that they would be troubled in one way or other if they trouble their mode of working
- public don't fill up the form completely/nor do they align with the formalities like notarising the sale deep copies etc/nor do they follow the processes laid down by the BBMP
- public feels shy or get hesitated to ask questions at the BBMP office. If the person tells them something, they won't note it down and cross verify the same before leaving the office. again they are in a hurry or something of that sort
- public first should understand and read the "sakala" details for the service they are approaching and timelines

Once they understand and are ready with the docs, they need to approach the concerned person and hand over all the docs.
get the written acknowledgement and ask when it will be ready.
also, make sure to ask the concerned person to check all the docs submitted and mention clearly that you are not in a position a hear any kind of excuses later on
ask them when you should come there to collect your khata docs/other certificates and note down his contact number

Call him on the "sakala" time (and till that time just forget about this and don't keep bugging them) and enquire whether your doc is ready
if not ready, then raise a "sakala" complaint - they will come back to you for sure and your work will be done

Public usually don't follow this - they just keep visiting the BBMP office every other day and keep bugging them. these BBMP staff's are very nice folks to talk with and in my opinion, these folks have talent more than an IIM MBA graduates and they understand the psychology of the public very well and loot them with dirty simple tricks. they always say it will be over in a weeks time and you will have your khata. but the fun starts from there. public won't understand this trick and by the end of 2 or 3 or 4th week they would be frustrated enough so that they would be ready to pay anything those officials are asking for their work. but the sakala time for a khata is 45days i believe and they earned their bribe while delivering their normal duty !

For your question: It is only the public who can take them to task. You have a great opportunity now.

We should teach them a lesson by bringing them to the public domain - You try to reach the BBMP commissioner and Joint commissioner over email and phone and brief them about this - meanwhile, Suvarna/TV9 should also help.

First and foremost - you need to keep your patience - always keep a smile on your face and respond back warmly and positively to them
Next time when you go there, you need to go there with a team of people
Carry with you all your friends and family members - let them just accompany you and be there with you at the office. It will make a lot of difference.
You can call me as well and I'll be there for supporting you as well.

I'm sure sakala will help here - if they are raising some question now (after 3 months), then you should take it to the higher authority and punish those buggers.

Make sure when you give the DD, you make a copy of that - better take it from a bank branch where you have the account for traceability purpose - these buggers may manipulate your DD for third party fees - tomorrow it shouldn't happen that you didn't paid the khata transfer fees.


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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby biddappa_c_b » June 5th, 2013, 3:53 pm

Raghu, truely appreciate your response. I agree that the agent through whom I went through did not get the papers notorized but the BBMP authorities should have told us that. After a while I took the matter into my own hands and you see the follow up. I already have the dd with me when they had asked last time but now as no signature is done, it is lying there. Need to check when it will expire.
I am trying to call Suvarna 24*7 but no one is picking the call. Yesterday, one of my representative had been there but due to no electricity in the evening he could not get the endorsement of what else is required. Today they will go there at 4 pm to get the endorsement.
I plan to go again this Saturday as a follow up, I hope Suvarna news or Sakala gets to me quickly. If you know someone whom I can escalate please do let me know. Meanwhile I am searching for details of BBMP Commissioner and Joint Commissioner. If you know someone please let me know. Will keep you all posted.

Raghu, thanks a Ton.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby vvh » June 6th, 2013, 9:52 am

For Sakala to help you, you should first have the sakala number for your khata transfer. Website for sakala :
That web page explains which all departments and what all tasks are covered under sakala and also mentions the timeline. BBMP khata transfer is also under sakala. 30 days is the timeline for khata transfer.
If it is not done in 30 days, for each extra day, the salary of the person responsible is cut and is paid to you as compensation. But for you to claim this, you need to have the sakala number for your job. In all probability, they havent logged your case in sakala at all. One should ask for the sakala number as soon as all the papers are accepted by them. The next time you go, ask for the sakala number.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby biddappa_c_b » June 6th, 2013, 11:49 am

Thank you VVH. I tried calling TV9 and Suvarna news but it keeps ringing endlessly.
I called the Joint Commissioner office Rajarajeswarinagar and they have noted down the details and told me to call them tomorow. Hope something happens. They were saying that there are lot of complaints against the Caseworker Lingaraju. Thank you to Raghu and all who suggested that I call Joint Commissioner office BBMP rajarajeswarinagar.

Today one of my representativeswill goto BBMP Kengeri office and get the endorsement. Hopefully atleast today the Caseworker lingaraju will be available.

I will keep posting the updates and want to help as much as possible others who are in the same position as I am. If anyone has faced such issues in BBMP Kengeri office please do post it here.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby biddappa_c_b » June 11th, 2013, 10:36 pm

Hi All, am back with more updates...

My representative told me that the file has moved to RR nagar office but I did not follow up.

I WFH on 7th June as I was supposed to meet the DC(Divisional Commissioner - Ramesh Kumar from RR nagar office) , unfortunately i bore the brunt of the rain and reached the RR nagar BBMP office but the DC was not available as he was in a meeting. I called before going there but no one picked the call. Despite that I went. I met Mr. Ravi Kumar, extremely nice person to be a Govt official, amazing guy, very forthcoming and told me to come on Monday to meet the DC.

On Monday I called to check whether the DC is there, he was available. I ripped from Whitefield to RR nagar as I did not want to miss the ONLY OPPORTUNITY i had. Finally met Mr. Ramesh Kumar. Smart man, well spoken, educated and listened to every word I said. He gave me his number and told me that he will call me. Take a guess who else was there, Kengeri BBMP RI - Srinivas Murthy was there. I spilled all the beans about him, the Case worker Lingaraju and the ARO - Venkatalakshmi. I too was frank and told the DC that I too wanted to take the Bribe path first but then changed my mind when they started to increase the bribe from 12 to 13 to 15 to 17k and went upwards. Someone had asked me for 25k.I told the DC that despite agreeing to pay the bribe they still took 2 months and no work. So why should I pay the bribe? There needs to be a decency of atleast taking the bribe and doing the work. I told this to the DC. He listened carefully and noted down the details.
The RI stood there and uttered no word. I came to know by their conversations that there was lot of complaints against these 3 people in BBMP Kengeri office. I hope they take action so that the AAM AADMI get some trust on the Govt officials.
I have my hopes pinned on Mr. Ramesh Kumar. I will call him after 2 days and check the updates.

Wish we all the luck

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby msn1270 » June 12th, 2013, 12:00 pm

Inspite of knowing its unprofessional/unethical/illegal, people follow the wrong path. Today's people doesn't want try or doesn't have patience. They need everything in quick time, for which they are ready to anything and everything.

I Sincerely appreciate your small steps in making a big change to meet your objective. you may get delayed in the process, tested by various means at various stages. Be determined about your objective and get the ultimate satisfaction at the end result.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby civil88 » June 13th, 2013, 11:39 am


Mr. Biddappa, many of the right-thinking educated people who do not wish to get their jobs done at Govt offices by paying bribes are following this thread with lot of enthusiasm. On behalf of our breed of people, I just want to say one thing. Please carry on your fight, and do not give up!
I am also having a site for which I have not applied for Khata transfer yet, as I did not want to go the bribe route. Being a non-local to Karnataka, many of us fear to approach any Govt Office in Karnataka. With my limited exposure to RTO offices, I find that they target non-locals, especially if we cannot speak kannada, and are very adamant in being non-cooperative if we don't pay bribe. In this regard, I just want to narrate my experience briefly.

My wife has appeared for DL at Indira nagar RTO and she failed the test as she could not park the car in 'L' shape in reverse. Since it was a genuine case, we appeared again, after doing lot of practice. To our surprise, she was failed again, though she did park correctly. Then I came to know that there is a rule that an applicant cannot be failed for more than 2 times, unless he/she is severely incompetent. So the third time she cleared. True, that I could have got this job done by paying 2K to a broker, and not endured 3 half-day leaves to my office. But by taking this route, at least I got the ethical satisfaction that I could get my job done without paying a rupee to the RTO office guys / brokers.

What I am trying to say is that, in these times of Bangalore being touted as the IT capital, it is unfortunate that the Govt offices are so notorious for corruption. With the help of many Citizen-friendly practices like RTI, Sakala etc, let us all fight this menace and get our jobs done in a fair way.

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby msn1270 » June 13th, 2013, 11:58 am

Dear civil88,

would you like to isolate yourselves and live here as an Non-local forever??

When you landed here for your livelihood, you did not knew Kannada language is very much acceptable.
After living here for several years, if you do not make an attempt to learn the language of the land
and go alongwith everyone, I say, you've serious reservations and its your own fault.

FYI, for a bribe taker, religion, gender, language, age...etc doesn't make any difference. Forget about
Govt office, even the flower, vegetable vendor and autowallah's will exploit you as long as you are living
in a reserved well.

Simple example is whenever anyone calls an auto in north and east bangalore from ORR limit(Electronicity,
whitefield, Marathalli, Banaswadi, nagawara especially wherever IT Parks are there), Autodriver's never put
meter. They have their own fixed fare based on the areas, which is always 3 times more than the actual meter

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby bdasites » June 13th, 2013, 4:47 pm

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Re: Frustrated for Bribe to be paid for Khata Transfer

Postby biddappa_c_b » June 14th, 2013, 12:14 pm

Guys am so happy that this thread is pulling folks who do not want to pay bribe. Please do inform others too so that we can help the others with our experience.
What we can do is, as most of us are from different areas in Bangalore, each of us can tell us our experience, how we fought the same and who would be the POC for each escalation. This would help folks to fight the right way and know whom to approach if not done within stipulated time.
Why did I tell the above? Many of the folks who replied back to me in this thread were kind enough to point me to the right people. I did the following:
1. Lodged a complaint in Sakala
2. Approached the DC of RR nagar and poured out my woes (this was suggested by one of the members)
3. There is an awesome wensite called ipaidbribe I lodged a complaint there. This was then passed by the website owners to the media and the relevant Govt offices. This website is awesome guys.
Sakala has a wait period of 30 days, mine is still in 16th day but did nit get any reply from Sakala folks.
Approached the DC, what a superman he is. Then Ipaidbribe website.

I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The ARO called me yesterday and told me that she will get my Khata done today. I will see how it goes and then provide you all the details tomorrow. I know many may think I am writing stories but I feel it helps. With regards to any corruption in BBMP Kengeri office I can tell you folks whom to approach. More in coming days.

Thanks in advance for all those who have helped me till date. Please spread the word.

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