Help in filing akrama sakrama

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Re: Help in filing akrama sakrama

Postby msn1270 » March 26th, 2015, 10:44 am

Once these sites get A-Khata, price will surely increases. May not be more than 50%. As they may not have wider roads, Parks and other common amenities as planned on BDA/KHB sites.

On the other side,

1) it increases the supply quantity of sellers to the market and moderates the currently inflated price and as usual demand is not that great.

2) As these sites are eligible for Bank Loans and Plan Sanction and definitely priced below the BDA sites, they will give more competition to the BDA Site holders and demand will reduce for the BDA sites as these sites are available within the BBMP limits and in well developed areas rather than remote areas of BDA Sites.

3) As many of the B-Khata site owners are eligible for bank loan and constructions, it increases the construction activity. So more job creation in the unorganized sector.
It indirectly affects the sales of the already in unsold status apartments and its inflated prices.

4) As more number of individual houses realizes in the coming years and lot more people put their additional floors for rental income, it supplies more units for rental market and again stirs competition among the existing rental market, in a way it can moderates the rental amount, which is a huge relief for the middle class.

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Re: Help in filing akrama sakrama

Postby bibin » March 26th, 2015, 1:52 pm

I do learn from this post that HC has directed govt. not to receive application for said Akrama-Sakrama until April 15 hearing. But as per the current notification, " Planning Authority may regularise such development and change of land use made prior to the date of 19 th October 2013 ", does it mean, the construction had to be completed by 19th October 2013 ? or does it applicable for those project that has received plan approval prior to 19th October 2013 and had started construction prior to 19th October 2013 but not completed with in the said date ? Please can any one throw some light ?


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