panchayat khata to bbmp khata

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panchayat khata to bbmp khata

Postby srinivasaprabhu » August 30th, 2016, 3:28 pm

I am planning to purchase a independent house which is located in shirdi Sai Nagar, behind Rastrottana School ,Hegde Nagar, Thanisandra main road.
This is a well developed layout with facilities like DC conversion , drainage and water .
I just got documents from the owner .
But what I noticed is , it is not BBMP Katha . It is panchayat khata.
Is it okay to go for these types of properties ? Or will there be any leagal issues ?
Why bbmp khata is required if we already have a panchayat khata .
The tax and all is paid up to date . And the current owner has availed loan also on the same property .

I have 2 questions now
1. Can i go ahead and buy this property which is having panchayat khata but not BBMP khata ?
2. Is it advisable that , first I ask the owner to apply for BBMP khata and once he get , I go ahead with the purchase?
because i heard it will not take much time to obtain BBMP khata , if all the taxes are paid up to data to local grama Panchayat.

Kindly reply me soon as I am at a halt state as of now for going ahead with the property .

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Re: panchayat khata to bbmp khata

Postby arunthl » August 30th, 2016, 8:46 pm

I heard that Hegde Nagar was formed to relocate slum people from Ejipura. Be extra cautious if you are really intended to buy a plot/house there. Its risky to buy such land i suppose.

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