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Postby SurK » October 1st, 2018, 9:40 am

Dear All,

We are heading in right directions.we need bring other issues now on. Another 6 months is golden hours for us the getting all our request done like relaxation on full payment,developments,LCSD,issues and concerns because BDA commissioner is helpful and with fear of surrender they will solve issues.

Many our members brought SWD issue in fourm and many also discussed this issue by calling with the help of print media we able to bring issues of SWD infront of authority.reallotment will be given to those allotted whose site fall in buffer zone as per Commissioner official statement.

Hope every member visited sites.those who 100% sure their site in buffer zones and those who have doubts also write letter addressing commissioner on this.many already collected maps,took photo from your plot showing SWD,which you can use to prove issue.

If possible measure distance using tape or applications are available to measure distance using smart phone.

Reallotment process takes long time so start requestion process immediately because based on our complaint respective block site engineer will be asked to send detailed report by spot inspection and share his comments so further action.if we submit this after receiving allotment due to long process you guys will miss full payment deadline if reallotment not happens.if reallotment happens new allotment letter will be issued so payment counter and other clauses applies from date you guys recieve allotment letter.


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Postby SurK » October 5th, 2018, 2:05 pm

Dear All,

As we decided we created groups for 1-9 blocks and members of all diemensions join respective blocks..

Please be in common group for somedays later you can quit common group…

We can select representative from each group and create admins group so representative can act as bridge between admin group and respective block group.

We are open to all allottes of NPKL and farmers site owners in respective block groups

Please find below links to join your respective block group…

Block 1

Block 2

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

Block 3

Block 4

‎Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group:

Block 5

Block 6

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

Block 7

Block 8

Block 9

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Postby SurK » October 26th, 2018, 9:55 am

Dear All,

As an effort to fix issues for those allottes got allotted near SWD,Burial ground,High voltage line and litigation land,following letter was sent to Dr G Parameshwar DcM,BDA chairman looping BDA commissioner and secretary. They responded on this and in an official statement released to press they assured to rectify this issues.

Dr G Parameshwar
Deputy Chief Minister, government of Karnataka Bengaluru development minister and BDA chairman

Respected Sir,

This message of appeal is from the NPKL allottees Whats'AppGroup & I am whatsapp group member on behalf of all the allottees in II phase Allotment. This appeal is from most honest & frank observations made by each one of the allottee members,who are disturbed very much every moment for the predicament put in to by BDA by allotting them sites having deficiancies & defects,bringing them to your apt attention & kind consideration & your timely intervention to set things right at the earliest which are not in proper order of acceptance by allottees by all means to enable them to pay the balance of site cost to make it fully paid.
It is the fervent appeal of the group & all allotees to request for your active consideration of :

(1) alloting the alternate sites free from all the deficiencies/defects mentioned in different heads, wherever it is necessary, Sir.

(2) permitting 150 days time for making balance of payment by all the allottees treating this as a genuine request from most of the middle class citizens requiring genuinely reasonable time of atleast 5 months time to arrange for funds which is substantially high by different sources, Sir.

Awaiting your kind co-operation & symphathetic consideration for the timely request of all the honest & sincere allottees to realise their long cherished desire of owning only the BDA allotted site.


All the site Aspirants had believed that BDA is functioning very transperantly in the matter of alloting sites which are free from all defects & deficiencies so that the allotees can buy these sites peacefully & construct their homes thereupon with a sigh of belief in the near future.

This true & natural expectation of all the allottees is becoming very much doubtful & questionable in II Phase allotment of NPKL because of the below mentioned flaw-full & careless style employed at all stages & by all the related sections of BDA, resulting in disturbed state of mind to all the allottees for their deciding to buy the sites allotted or not, unless the BDA reconsiders alloting sites free from all defects/deficiencies upholding & protecting its own name of providing a shelter to all the citizens.

The following are the flaws necessitating allotment of alternate sites to all the aggrieved allotees :

Technical Flaw :
This is resulting in not following the Norms laid down by competent authorities such as NGT/Karnataka Lake Conservation & Development Authority by alloting the sites in the forbidden vicinity of

(1) Buriyal Yard;
(2) Storm Water Drain;
(3) High Voltage Lines;
(4) Low lying Terrian
because of not
properly forming/
developing the Layout.

The major point under Technical Flaw, which should have been considered imperitively is that observing of laid down Buffer Zone norm of 75 Mtrs as the actually maintanable distance from edge of the Lake to the site to be formed by BDA on all the four sides & BDA should set a model in its functioning for the guidance of both future responsible burocrat functionaries (who are Generalists) & other engineering/ technical staff of BDA and also break the bad record/precedence created commencing from Sir MV Layout & conntinued in NPKL also & erase for ever the untold miseries of allottees in having chosen to buy a BDA Site. Thereby the BDA should remain a Model as government body for Site distribution by allotting the sites at a very reasonble price by also being transperent in all its activities & deserve to get appreciation & admiration from all the public & law abiding citizens of Mera Bharath Mahan & Karnataka also Mahan & blessings of Almighty always.

Not Notified Area Flaw :

Allocation & hafazard classification of land as Not Notified Area resulting in prevention/obstruction of connectivity to Broad roads from one Block to another Block or Sector defeating the very purpose of the Broad roads such as 80 Feet/100 Feet Road.

Not making use of stringent laws for acquisition of a specific land by BDA when it obstructs/prevents inter-connectivity to all roads not allowing for ear marking under NNA by BDA.

Transperancy Flaw :

This is not giving a clear picture to know about the documents of land in the name of previous land owner/s & on acquiring the land by BDA transfer of title & ownership rights in the exclusive name of BDA.

Non-availabilty of Layout Plan/Map Blockwise/Sectorwise in respect of all Sectors/Blocks in the official website of BDA.

Uploading of all land records on the basis individual Survey Nos to the official Website of BDA for access & reference by the allottees to get convinced & satisfied.

Legal Flaw :
This is resulting in unwanted litigation between land owners & BDA & also among land owners interse at the cost & displeasure of allottees who are innocents & unnecessarily be prepared to face disputes at a later date.

Discomfort Flaw :
Not ensuring all the work to be executed as per the laid down norms by competent authorities would result in discomfort to all the land owners, BDA & also the new allottees in varying proportions.

All these factors are to be brought to the kind attention of the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister who is also the Minister for BDA, respected Commissioner & other concerned Officers during our appeal & inter-action with them so to consider

a)Providing alternate Sites free from all the defects and deficiencies

b) extending time upto 150 days as allowed during I Phase Allotment in NPKL.

Let us suceed in all our efforts by the grace of Almighty.

All the site allottees of II Phase Allotment of NPKL.

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Postby SurK » October 31st, 2018, 3:54 pm

Dear All,

IMPORTANT NOTE ON TDS to 40/60,50/80 allottes: for 20/30,30/40 no TDS

As per the rule, for transaction above 50 lakhs, buyer has to pay 1% TDS.
Those who got the allotment letter for 12*18 & above dimension site, and planning to make payment to BDA, raise DD for 99% of the total amount mentioned in allotment letter and pay rest 1% TDS directly or with the help of chartered accountant.

And its owner's or buyers responsibility!

The above info is very important, many who paid 100% to BDA to run around BDA for more than 6 months to get back the refund of 1%, all new allotted to deduct 1% and make the remaining amount payable to BDA


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