What the hell is this.... No more sites in Arkavathy layout

santosh patil
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What the hell is this.... No more sites in Arkavathy layout

Postby santosh patil » May 25th, 2011, 6:22 pm

Looks like they finalized it.... NO 20000 sites... only 8000 sites to the already allotted people, no extra land for extra sites to others to allot who are waiting from 6 years !!!!

The state government's recent decision to return 40 per cent of the developed land in BDA layouts to farmers from whom the land was acquired to compensate them, has put site allottees in Arkavathy Layout in a fix.

Thousands of people who have been waiting for a site in Arkavathy Layout for the last six years, will have to continue to wait until new layouts are formed.

The BDA has no plan to acquire land and form an extension of Arkavathy Layout. However, the state government has agreed to form five new layouts across the city, said senior BDA officials.

Of the 20,000 sites promised at Arkavathy Layout in 2005, the BDA promised to allot at least 14,000 sites due to the shortage of land for layout formation and land litigation.

As of now, the BDA has allotted only 8,000 sites to allottees with the allotment of 6,000 sites running into rough weather because of litigation related to taking possession of the land, said officials.

After the state government decided to return 40 per cent of the developed land to farmers, the BDA board has approved the proposal and has sent it to the government for the final nod.

“The 40 per cent developed land will be given to those farmers who have not taken the compensation offered by BDA so far. Those who have claimed monetary compensation will not be eligible for the new compensation package. About 900 acres of the land will go to farmers in the form of developed land,” said senior officials from the land acquisition wing.

As per the high court and Supreme Court directives, some of the developed land, the green belt, religious and charitable institutions, education institutions and nurseries will be denotified, added the sources.

“The struggle of 16 villages along with Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha, has helped farmers to get 40 per cent of the developed land. We are happy as our agitation has paid off,” said A. Shashikumar resident of Jakkur.

BDA commissioner Bharat Lal Meena told Deccan Chronicle that no additional land will be acquired for extension of Arkavathy Layout. Sites in the proposed layouts will be issued based on the notification.

Source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/bengaluru/arkavathy-site-allottees-fix-545

CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME.... How to find out whether my name is there or not in the shortlisted list of 20000 allottes? because when BDA sent back the cheques... i did not receive any slips like they told in the office... mine is 7 attempts...

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Re: What the hell is this.... No more sites in Arkavathy lay

Postby suvarna » May 30th, 2011, 8:58 am

Over a period of time, governments have denotified large tracks of land... See for example :

Even the 8000+ sites which are already allotted were mostly 20x30 sites. An article had claimed it to be a match-box size layout. After given 40% of land to farmers, there is still enough land to allocate 20000 sites. All of us are just being taken for a ride. People in the 20000 site allottees list, have lost their oppurtunity to get land to current and past CMs. So sad... i was very hopeful of getting a site, but looks like the corrupt politicians have just eaten away the land.

I don't have inside information on exactly what is happening... how much land is being acquired. If anybody has any information, please share it here...

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