Arkavathy Layout sites to be handed over as Dasara Gift!!!

santosh patil
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Arkavathy Layout sites to be handed over as Dasara Gift!!!

Postby santosh patil » August 27th, 2013, 8:17 pm

WOW!!!! Finally something BIG.....

Congratulations to those 8,813 people who will be getting the sites in the month October 2013. People who follow Oktober Fest, Its going to be a awesome time to celebrate. Well as promised by CM, it looked like the work was in progress and the allotments would have happened by March 2014 as updated previously. Never thought BDA would take up this work at this pace to have the site handed over in October 2013. The long wait for the sites has finally come to an end for the Site allottees. The Property taxes, Interest on Loans paid might be worth the wait. Just keeping fingers crossed that nothing more stops the work under progress in this "Jinxed" Layout as a news media quotes. ... 747460.ece

Well... The fights over for the Arkavathy site Allottees.... They go back to their sites, build their Dream house and settle down in the Home Sweet Home.

Now comes the question why am i so excited about it? I'm not one of the allottee. Why should I care?
Here's a silver lining over the dark clouds for those who never got the chance of Allotment of those 20,000 Sites for which over 2,35,000 people had applied for. Yup... 2,35,000 people applied for 20,000 sites and only 8,813 were allotted with site.
Site in Bangalore, No Kidding.

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes ... -allotment

Few weeks ago, there has been a news that there are over 2000 sites left which will be allotted for the applicants. You heard me right, Additional 2000 sites in Arkavathy Layout to be allotted to the applicants after these 8,813 allottees are allotted. ... 702721.ece

So, it means we can still hope to get a site at Arkavathy Layout after all these allotments. This may be called up as 3rd Phase of allotment. If you are lucky enough, if the records with BDA are correct, has no third person influence for allotment, if you are on top of the Seniority list. Then you can hope for a site at Arkavathy, All the best to ALL!!!! :)

I have done my home work, followed up with BDA, chased for updates every 3 months once since 2006, Found my records with BDA were incorrect (Thanks to RTI - Right to Information Act). They had quoted only 3 Attempts for actual 7 Attempts, for which we missed the site in 2nd phase of allotment. Produced the Original documents and got the records update to 7 Attempts, making sure there are no more issue when this day comes. It took me almost 2 years and every month follow up to have this done. Looking very promising to me that this time, We will definitely get a site.

Hope you have done your Home work to check and get it fixed, if you have been left out of the allotment list.

Just worried, what will the pricing on the sites. Definitely its not going to be old rates. Any idea of the site rate for 30 x 40 site at Arkavathy Layout?

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Re: Arkavathy Layout sites to be handed over as Dasara Gift!

Postby parkom » September 19th, 2013, 9:06 am

So have the allotees received intimation of their allotments now that we are just a month away from Dasera? Or was it just another political BS?
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Re: Arkavathy Layout sites to be handed over as Dasara Gift!

Postby msn1270 » September 20th, 2013, 2:55 pm

Neither BDA nor the present Government is trustworthy. People voted to this party as a sweet revenge to the old Government as they experienced very bad things in the last 5 years. But even the present government is moving away from the public interest issues and concentrating only on the vote-bank politics concentrating the next general elections by making huge debts. They are wasting tax payers money in an uncontrolled manner & imposing lot of new taxes or hiking the prices without any justification.

BDA is stuggling to pay salaries to its staff and absolutely no money to take up any developmental activity to the existing layouts which were formed almost a decade back. Every month one or the other Land allotment scams are hitting the door of High Court. BDA is auctioning all their reserved sites at regular intervals to have
their monthly salaries. Unless BDA clears all the dues or take up development work & give the 40% of developed land share to the farmers, they can't allot/register the sites to the applicants. Now all political parties takes the opportunity to influence the farmers/land owners to rebel against BDA/Government to for their survival.

At the same time, Government doesn't have any vision or mission and doesn't even know which direction it is going. Already so many differences visible between the newly elected CM and the Congress Party and its chief, which will make huge impact in the coming days. Already many people are speculating that after the 2014 Parliamentary election, present CM will be kicked out as he is not in line with the principles of the Party and sidelining the original Congress men.

As usual, the common man will experience the worst in all these cases. So only when the allottees gets registered their site, we can believe it.

santosh patil
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Re: Arkavathy Layout sites to be handed over as Dasara Gift!

Postby santosh patil » September 21st, 2013, 7:09 pm

This is really sad, lets see... as promised will the BDA register the sites for allottees before / during Dasara. If does not happen, definitely this will be picked up by media, at least print media. I'm so tired of waiting, eagerly waiting for the next phase of allotment in Arkavathy. If at all, currently allotted sites are registered or not... all the 8000 odd allottees will end up with a site one day may be in Arkavathy or other layout. But what about the rest, called application for 20000 sites and now closing at 8000. Govt, Political Parties, Real estates everybody got involved and totally screwed up this project. Common men (Middle Class) like us who cannot a buy a site like upper class, cannot live in rented house like lower class will end up more frustrated. Any price hike will always hit the middle class people because lower class would have never opted to take risk and upper class would have never felt the risk. Middle class people stuck in between no sure what will happen.

Please update if anybody gets to know more about Arkavathy Layout.

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Re: Arkavathy Layout sites to be handed over as Dasara Gift!

Postby rakesh621 » September 23rd, 2013, 2:42 pm

Hi all,

It seems from ARkavathy layout 19th block, the registration of BDA lands to land owners is started. and few of the the land lords already registered their alloted. And one these sites is available for sale. I just want know is this safe to buy this type of property which was alloted to land owner on 60:40 sharing basis.

thanks in advance for replying to my post


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