Anjanapur 2nd block developments

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Re: Anjanapur 2nd block developments

Postby Nagendra_81 » November 25th, 2013, 1:56 pm

bhabhu wrote:Hi all,
If BDA build a bridge near KSEEM and BDA layout, then people can come even from kanakapura road. If this happens, then it will become very near to Kanakapura main road. Those who have good contact with BDA people can influence to do this.

Hi Bhabu
There is already a well connected road from Kanakapura road to 2nd block. This is the double road from the Adigas hotel junction in Kanakapura road .

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Re: Anjanapur 2nd block developments

Postby Anupamachandan » January 29th, 2014, 11:40 am

Dear Site Owners & Residents,

"Greetings from AFERWA Team"

Finally, our effort is taking a new shape. Given the fact that 1st round of meeting with BDA commissioner in presence of MP and Media Coverage. The scenario has changed. The next round of meeting is going to be crucial & shall be given priority by BWSSB dept.

In a nutshell, we were running from pillar to post to bring it to the notice of BDA w.r.t our basic amenities. As on today, Land Allotment for BWSSB works has been completely handed over. BWSSB has to provide DPR (detailed project report) for execution of Kaveri Water & Sanitary Works.

Also BDA is allocating lands for Burial Ground (crematorium) at the tip of Anjanapura. Of course at the end of Anjanapura without disturbing the residential portion.

Temporarily Borewells shall be provided (though not a feasible solution) by BDA alone.

Road Lighting Arrangement - 5crore worth of Tender shall be called within 10days for LED lighting to the entire Anjanapura BDA Layout. Also to patches of JP Nagar 8th & 9th Phase.

With all things said, We might get stuck due to Election code of conduct wherein there shall not be any fund mobilization from any of the Govt Agencies (BDA/BWSSB).

In this regard, We are again seeking support & push from MP to these 2 depts to alteast kick start the etendering process which involves Technical & Commercials proposals from various service organization. Keeping our fingers crossed, Expected to kickoff all the works in not so distant future.

We are in touch with other Association (1 to 8 township) to join us during these crucial meetings & make our presence strong.

There is a joint meeting of BDA, BWSSB, AFERWA & MP DK Suresh - Date & Venue shall be communicated to you shortly.

Should you have any concerns, Please get in touch with Sreedhar, Mueen & Purohit. Your correspondence to be addressed to or call us +91 - 9731.00.9343


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Re: Anjanapur 2nd block developments

Postby malladimurthy » February 5th, 2014, 4:47 pm

Hi Chandan,

Thanks for the info. Do you know where this burial ground is alloted?

With regards,

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