Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owners' Welfare Association

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Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owners' Welfare Association

Postby ATOWA » April 28th, 2014, 1:25 pm

Dear Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) site owners,

As there was no registered association representing Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks), a group of site owners/residents from 1-8 blocks have taken an initiative to form a registered Association to take up the matter of water, sewage, street lights, security, site cleaning, roads etc.
In the meanwhile, we got a proposal from some owners/residents of Further Extension (9-11 blocks) to form a combined Association for 1-11 blocks.
Accordingly we put forward the proposal in the meeting of members of 1-8 blocks convened on 15th March 2014. The proposal was unanimously rejected for the reasons specified below:-
1) Anjanapura Township (1-8) & Anjanapura Further Extension (9-11) are two different layouts technically in the records of BDA,BWSSB etc.
2) Pipelines for kaveri water and sewage lines are already laid out in Anjanapura Township (1-8) whereas as of today no such pipelines are available in Further extension.
3) Water will start flowing in the township very soon as promised by BWSSB officials, whereas it will take many months if not years just to install pipeline in further extension.
4) 1-8 blocks are self sufficient in terms of parks and other civic amenities.
5) Even water OHT are in two different places, one in township and the other in further extension.
6) Kaveri water, when it is available, will be from two different pumping stations for township and further extension.
7) Further extension predominantly has access from Bannerghatta road and JP nagar whereas Township has access from Kanakapura Road.
8) BDA commercial complex will be built in the Township.
9) A registered association for further extension is already in existence and they have been regularly conducting various meetings, hence it will not be appropriate to have a parallel orgasnisation.
10) A registered association exists for 4th block of Anjanapura Township, we plan to either co-ordinate with them or amalgamate with them subsequently.
11) Many other different problems are faced by Further extension which 1-8 blocks do not have.

Hence it was decided in the meeting held on 6th April 2014 that registration process of Association for Township (1-8) be initiated. Accordingly the registration process is underway and will be completed within a week or two.

Owners of Anjanapura Township (1-8) are hereby requested to join our Association upon registration and enable us to fight for the development of layout.

Any feedback from the owners of 1-8 blocks in this matter will be appreciated. U can drop an email at for further queries.

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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owner's Welfare Associa

Postby jaggims » April 28th, 2014, 4:02 pm

Hello Team ATOWA,

this is indeed a great initiative.
Please let us know the registration procedure


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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owner's Welfare Associa

Postby anandram » April 28th, 2014, 4:13 pm

kindly give me details of any site owners'association for Anjanapura 9-11 blocks n further extensions in these blocks.Thanks in advance.

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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owner's Welfare Associa

Postby ATOWA » April 28th, 2014, 4:30 pm

Dear Mr. Jagadeesh,

The registration of the Association is already in process. A meeting will be convened immediately after the registration process is completed to discuss action plan of the association.
As far as u joining the association is concerned, if u own a site in Anjanapura Township (1-8), u are eligible for membership. Please note that u need not be a resident as the said association is called owner's welfare association. Kindly email us your contact no. & site details at All updates regarding Anjanapura Township will be sent to you periodically over sms/emails.


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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owners' Welfare Associa

Postby Nagendra_81 » April 29th, 2014, 2:09 pm

Hello ATOWA,

I would have still preferred you merge your 1-8 blocks association with the 1-11 blocks association.
1-11 block association already has a strong membership and we have laid out a specific plan to tackle the basic issues in the entire 1-11 blocks.
A single representation for the entire 1-11 blocks will also increase our head count in representation to BDA, BWSSB and other offices.
Moreover, Mueen from this new 1-11 blocks association has now been appointed as the Bangalore Rural Constituency representative for tackling bda, bwssb, bescom related matters for Anjanapura and adjoining areas. We will be able to leverage Mueen and get traction in getting the basic amenities for the layout.

Hence, request you to re-consider merging with the 1-11 blocks association.
For any further talks, you may call me or Mueen.

Either way you choose, I wish you the best in your efforts too.


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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owners' Welfare Associa

Postby gowda_sree » May 1st, 2014, 1:30 am


As a representative of AFERWA (Anjanapura Further Extension Residents Welfare Association), we welcome heartily the forming of ATOWA (1-8th Block Association) and wish you all the best.

We also agree the above points 1-11 you have mentioned are the real facts. In addition to that, I would like to add few more details. Anjanapura Township 1-11th Block is one among the biggest BDA Layouts. It has stretched from BG road to Kanakapura road (about 6km in stretch) and accounts for about 12000 BDA developed sites. Further extension (9-11) accounts about 4800 sites. As you said AFERWA has been registered about six years back and well functioning in the motive of working towards development of Lay out and more than anything socializing with Residents/Site Owners by knowing each other and sharing the information. As per my knowledge, there is also one registered Association for 2, 2A and 3rd Block, we(AFERWA) were also participated in one of there important which was held during Mar 2013(AFERWA had invitation to participate).

AFERWA is happy to work together with ATOWA for the common cause when ever is required. We really agree, because of many reasons, we have not tried to consolidate to make 1-11 Block association together even though we have got many proposals and suggestions because of practical issue and ground reality.

Again wishing you all the best and looking forward to meet and work together to achieve common goals.

Joint secretary - AFERWA

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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owners' Welfare Associa

Postby ATOWA » May 1st, 2014, 7:38 pm

Shri Shreedhar/AFERWA,

We thank you for your support. The Association for 2,2A and 3rd block has joined our 1-8 Association due to merits in having an Association for 1-8 blocks. Also to avoid confusion regarding some other Association which is also being formed, we hereby inform our stakeholders that this Association (ATOWA) is only for 1-8 blocks and will be formed under the guidance of Shri Ananthaswamy (Retired Indian Forest Service officer), Shri Basavaraju (Retired ACP) and several other members who are well versed with the working of various Govt authorities. Our primary goal is to ensure that our layout gets all the basic amenities it deserves.

All the details regarding joining ATOWA and its activities/action plan will be posted shortly.


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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owners' Welfare Associa

Postby hsrp82 » May 2nd, 2014, 11:04 pm

Hi Members of ATOWA,

We wish you all the best and seek to join in commom goal whenever such oppurtunities comes up.

Treasurer - AFERWA

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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owners' Welfare Associa

Postby Sankaran.Nair » May 3rd, 2014, 5:34 pm

Dear All,
The Association for 1st, 2nd and 3rd i.e., "KSHEMA" has not merged itself with any other association. We have been functioning since our inauguration in November 2012 and will continue to do so. Our aim will always be the betterment of this BDA Layout. We thank Mr.Shridhar for remembering the meeting held in March'13. We also look forward for your support and will always support you in all your endeavors.

Santhosh Nair

Santhosh Nair
KSHEMA ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd Block Association)

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Re: Anjanapura Township (1-8 blocks) Owners' Welfare Associa

Postby ATOWA » May 3rd, 2014, 7:25 pm

Dear all,
As mentioned in the previous post by us, the Association for 2A, 3A and 3 rd block has joined ATOWA. We did not mention anything about 1,2 and 3rd block Association "Keshma". However we wish to inform that some of the members of "Kshema" which is an unregistered Association have already joined ATOWA. We formed ATOWA as "Kshema" refused to admit owners of any block except 1, 2, 3 rd blocks. Even owners of 2A and 3A were denied membership. Hence we got request from owners 1 to 8 blocks to have a single Association, duly registered for taking up the cause of entire Anjanapura Township (1-8). Accordingly the process of registering ATOWA is underway.

Please feel free to write us at for any queries.


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