Awesome place to live...

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Awesome place to live...

Postby paritinr » May 1st, 2017, 12:41 pm

I have been living in the layout for close to 3 years now. It is such an awesome place to live that I see that the situation is same as what it was 3 years ago:
1) Absolutely ZERO development and none of the site owners want to start the construction. Whomever I met till date, say they are waiting for development to happen. Not sure what kind of development they are looking for...
2) I hear stories and believe that some blocks in the layout got Cauvery connections. Unfortunately, the engineers from respective authorities missed to lay water and drainage lines in couple of lanes and I'm one of those lucky ones to own a house in those lanes
3) I was part of an association initially and there was enthusiasm to get involved in weekly meetings. However, over a period of time people lost focus and there was no significant participation from the site owners. I placed multiple requests with the association regarding the Cauvery pipe line issue but nothing happened positively. Absolutely ZERO response from concerned authorities and association could not get them to work
4) All open sites in the layout are dumped with garbage everywhere. Construction debris is scattered across various sites. Some of the local residents next to my house keep dumping their daily waste in the sites. My neighbor and me are fedup educating them. Some of their male family members (grown up adults) defecate on the road sides. Drive across the layout will provide you with a very beautiful scenery of all such dumpings
5) All park areas are grown with weeds and it is awesome to see such greenery around. My neighboring site owner is not at all bothered to visit the site and see the site condition. Every year I spend money to get it cleaned only to ensure safety of my family
6) Almost all sign boards are waiting for ache din to get the information painted on them

With all the above things happening in the layout, it is an awesome place to live. All the site owners, please do come and experience yourself.
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Collage of various parts of the layout
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