No DC conversion required for layout in BBMP limit?

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No DC conversion required for layout in BBMP limit?

Postby paramrsa83 » November 16th, 2014, 6:01 am

I narrowed down a layout in Varthur. Following are the status of the layout...

1) Layout is approved by BBMP, I will get B-Khata
2) As per the CDP it is under green zone (based on the green markings)
3) The land is not DC converted. Builder says since the site is is under BBMP limit there is no need for DC conversion. The builder also told something like that area falls under corporation as well. What is the difference between a Corporation & BBMP. I thought both are one & same.

1) Is it possible to get the BBMP approval for a layout when a land is NOT-DC CONVERTED?
2) Also, I met another buyer who says there are no issues in getting the plot as the documents are good. He too mentioned the DC conversion is not needed and he had checked the same with his lawyer.
But, my lawyer told to never start look into any property which is NOT DC CONVERTED. Now, whom I should trust my layer or the other buyer's lawyer. The builder too has a legal opinion document which states there are no legal issues in the document. How it is possible for the builder to get the legal opinion document when there is a clear violation (layout on a revenue sites?)


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Re: No DC conversion required for layout in BBMP limit?

Postby rkirana » November 29th, 2014, 11:30 pm

DC conversion is required. Just because a layout is in BBMP limit does not remove the need for DC conversion.
BBMP limit includes green zones, zones for nala and many red zones that are not eligible for residential purpose. If a land is in purple zone, DC conversion is mandatory

First go to and look at the survey number to find the zoning colour
Go to the DC office near Hotel Chalukya and get attested copy of conversion order
Check if the norms in DC conversion have been followed. Else DC conversion stands automatically cancelled
Check if there is approval for layout and the sites have been formed per the original layout plan after paying betterment charges and leaving required space for roads/parks/..etc

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