4th T Block 6th Stage BSK-Affected Allotees

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4th T Block 6th Stage BSK-Affected Allotees

Postby Sudhirr » May 26th, 2018, 6:49 pm

Dear All,

I am affected party of BDA 6th Stage 4th T block ongoing court case WA- 1093/2006 and WA-1026/2006.
The lower court had dismissed and it is appealed at High court of Karnataka and 12 years have past and nothing seems to move.

BDA or Court is not giving me the list of sites affected. According to my understanding about 200 sites have got affected and also saw Hindu paper mention about 168 property. Overall picture is that there is general confusion in the area as BDA also raises hand saying that no development of that area is possible till dispute is create.
I have been duped by an allottee from a well to do family and a IT professional who had a loan on SBI at the time I took over believing the man.
But that is another story of our corruption in our country.

Can we all regroup and represent in the court again please. I am also ok for a negotiation with the farmer directly so that we can get some sort of relief. I am neither a revolutionary or hot headed , just want to take a practical decision and move court to get BDA to either resolve and pay the farmers properly or simply give us an alternative site in the same area and quickly.
I can image the money involved is very big now that the value of a 2400 sqfeet property is around Rs.1 crore. 200 sites add up to 200 crores and this money can make the biggest people involve in this special case.
High Court of Karnataka -Bengaluru Bench WA 1093/2006

Petitioner/Appnt. Name SRI T N RAMAIAH S/O LATE NANJAPPA Respondent/Defnt. Name STATE OF KARNATAKA
Petnr./Appnt. Advocate S CHENNARAYA REDDY Respnt./Defnt. Advocate GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1
Date Filed 13/07/2006 Classification LA(BDA) District Bengaluru City

Last Action Taken - ADJOURNED
Last Date of Action 17/04/2018 Next Hearing Date
Latest Order
Before Hon'ble Judge/s - Not required to be mentioned here I Think.

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