Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

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Re: Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

Postby aries31 » September 17th, 2013, 8:49 am

niarhab wrote:Ganesha
Dont be pessimistic. A day will come when we all have a good and strong leader, who will solve all these problems.

Narendra Modi - 2014 :-)

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Re: Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

Postby Ganesha » September 17th, 2013, 11:26 pm

@blrsiteseeker :
Yes lane discipline, is problem in some cases, like the one near Central on ORR.
Owning cars is a prestige issue in India, agreed

But these two are not entirely responsible for the mess.
For ex : traffic jams at Silk board, KR puram, Kundalhalli gate, Prestige Shantiketan, ITPL, Majestic....etc are not at all due to lane indisciple.
In fact in these areas, there area hardly lanes; there is only one lane:-) I mean roads are so narrow.

>>The bus system in Bengaluru has improved tremendously
Yes to a greater extent. But if you see the crowd in Volvo buses during peak hours, you will not feel like entering.
Buses alone can not transport 90Lakh people, we need Mono/Metro/Sub-urban/Local trains.

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Re: Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

Postby msn1270 » September 18th, 2013, 4:11 pm

Road Transport with BMTC is of no use for the population of Bangalore. Also No Developed Country uses Road for Mass Transport in this world. Everyone prefers Railways. We need mass Rapid Transport Systems like Suburban Train/ Metro/Mono to all major job centrered zones, which keeps Road traffic density lesser, cleaner and less private vehicles on Road.

Today our State Politicians are the biggest opposers to the mass transport systems, as they lose revenue to their pocket/party. For Ex. The train pass/Season Ticket from Majestic to Whitefield is Just Rs. 160/Month for passenger trains and Nearly Rs 300/Month for Express, Whereas BMTC regular Pass is around Rs. 850 and Volvo Pass is Rs. 1,900/-. This itself shows why our politicians are against the Mass Public Transport System who are pocketing huge amount into their pockets. Inspite of all these hefty fares, our depts are under loss.

For the same reason, Our State Government is not showing any interest in doubling the track between Mysore-Bangalore Corridor, or introducing more trains between Bangalore-Mangalore or Completing the Bangalore-Hassan Rail Gauge Conversion. Also they're not giving land to the proposed new routes also.

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Re: Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

Postby venkyn » September 24th, 2013, 2:40 pm

Yes.. All the above are true, more to that, some transport agencies can lobby against trains. They loose lot of revenue.

Last week, ITPL folks staged "Rail Roko" because Railways had stopped the lt of the evening train ( 6:00PM). This "passenger train :( " helped rajajinagar/basveshwarnagar folks and after this stike railway engineer has promised to continue the halt at stop for next 2 months.

On the other side, If Metro and Mass transport comes, what will happen to all these CAB drivers? I think there should be an awareness among these drivers on these.


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Re: Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

Postby msn1270 » September 25th, 2013, 1:32 pm


we need to look at the bigger Picture. Whether making the life of several lakhs commuters comfortable everyday is the priority or that of few 1000 cabbies.

With the same mentality our State & Railways also thinking. Just b'cos few Private Bus service owners have invested and everyday around 500 buses fly between
Bangalore and Mangalore, Railways is not increasing the trains in this route. Hardly 3 passenger trains runs in this route compared to 20+ Goods trains. Look at the conditions of the roads at both the Ghats and the pain suffered by the passengers everyday.

Even when the Konkan Rail was proposed for the coastal line from Kerala to Mumbai, similar narrow minded opinions were there. Now the entire scenario is different. A Goods Lorry Driver instead of driving from Mangalore to Mumbai for full day or even more, he simply loads his truck itself into the Goods train wagon. he saves time, reduced his stress and operational cost. Ge gets rest for 16 hrs and he drives only inside the city in Mangalore or Mumbai.

A Suburban Train will operate only in the Main Route. For ex. Between Bangalore central to Whitefield, People can commute by Train. From Whitefield to their respective Offices or Work Location, Commuters can use feeder services like Auto or Cabs or the mono or metro in future. Operating cost of Suburban Trains on the existing track is very cheap compared to Implementing a Metro or Mono Services.

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Re: Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

Postby shailesh123 » October 1st, 2013, 5:11 pm

The problem of traffic jam is not only in Bangalore but it is increasing day by day in other cities Such as Mumbai , Delhi, Kolkatta, Hyderabad etc.We Should come together and find some means to reduce this traffic jams . The use of private vehicles Should be avoided and we should prefer going by public transports.
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Re: Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

Postby Ganesha » July 3rd, 2014, 11:25 pm

@aries : "Narendra Modi - 2014 :-)"
Now that we have our strong leader, will anything change for Bangalore?
Also we have the Railway minister from our state and our Constituency(Bangalore North) ; Will he bring sub-urban rail to bangalore?
or we still have to continue living our life in silkboard/Kundanhalli gate/ K R Puram brigde ...etc

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Re: Public protests against traffic jams in Bangalore

Postby pvr59ksl » July 4th, 2014, 7:42 am

Hi Ganesha,

The mere presence of a good,efficient and strong CM,PM,Ministers or Commissioners won't bring any changes to our city, state or Country. The people have to constantly demand what change they want. They have to work for it. For example, if we go around the city we can find that at certain areas we find good parks, good roads, good foot paths etc. Ever thought how they got these ? There are people who constantly work for the betterment of their areas. Some write regular letters to Commissioners, ministers or those in power and apprise them about the present conditions and the changes they want. Some form associations and approach the people in power. It is a continuous process. We have to remember that all the people in power are meant for us. But, we have to bring to their notice what we want. Another important thing is the Govt. departments will not take any suo-moto action against any problem. They need complaints / representations from the people to act upon.

In the past 25 years I have written / complained / represented about various issues concerning our area, to the heads of various departments. And in most of cases there was success. Most of the bureaucrats I/we approached were very helpful and have helped us. So whenever you see a good locality, good roads and foot paths or other developments, remember there are ordinary people working for it.

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