A Katha without Betterment chanrges

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A Katha without Betterment chanrges

Post by pragyan »

The property was DC converted and had Panchayat Katha later came in BBMP limits.
Now the property has A Katha.

So can some please help

1) If the A Katha obtained without paying Betterment changes is valid or Not.

2) Revenue dept document shows PR/1111/Date (Provisional registration )
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Re: A Katha without Betterment chanrges

Post by ardesarchitects »

Hi pragyan,
If BBMP gives A khata without betterment charges its called Conditional A katha only. Many times the local BBMP guys take advantage of this and get you a conditional A katha that won't be updated in the BBMP online .
They will say it will get updated in 6months which itself is wrong . Conditional katha is valid only for six months which is used mostly to get bank loans, sanctions etc and then it gets converted to B kahta.
I would suggest to check with BBMP Zonal head office .

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