A khata

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A khata

Postby bhaskh » June 6th, 2013, 10:02 am


Can Anyone help me out in getting an A khata for my plot at Pai layout?

Though I have all documents - betterment charges paid receipt(in 2001), tax paid receipt, the BBMP officials refused to give an A khata citing the data never flowed into their records from the CMC register.

I have been doing the rounds for the past 1 year but still in vain......any suggestions?

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Re: A khata

Postby msn1270 » June 6th, 2013, 10:05 am

Apply through RTI, requesting the status of your File Processing.

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Re: A khata

Postby bhaskh » June 6th, 2013, 10:13 am

To be honest, i'm fed up with the rampant corruption... even after lodging 2 SAKALA compliants, there is no response.

Now the BBMP has issued a B khata, Can I still seek info under RTI... if so, could you please guide me to do so.

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Re: A khata

Postby Ravikiran57 » December 27th, 2015, 2:39 pm

Complete information on RTI in a local news publication


How does one file an Right to Information application? How can it help? If the power of the sunshine law is anything to go by, it's time for more widespread use, especially in Bangalore, has come.

By Sunil Tinani , 17 Feb 2008 , Citizen Matters
Unhygienic drinking water. Moon-cratered roads. Uncollected, stinking garbage pile-ups. Power thefts. Statue-like BBMP officers. Land grabs. Unauthorised structures. Residential plots converted to commercial properties. Bribe-hankering government staff. This list can go on and on.
Bangalore is down in the dumps and its leaders and administrators seem to have abandoned their virtues and lost their will along with their sense of right. Looking at the current state of affairs, there appears to be no hope in sight unless the average citizen picks up the gauntlet. If the power of the Right to Information law is anything to go by, it is time for the common citizen to wake up and smell the kaapi. It may even be that the average Joe Bangalorean can redeem himself of the mess our leaders have created, and perhaps even turn into an everyday superman.

1. Figure out what your ward number is. This information is there in the BMP website, and sometimes it's written on the yellow colour streetname signs. Your residents' association or apartment owners' association head will usually know this. You can also find out by calling the Corporation office.

2.Find out who the Executive Engineer is for your ward. Get his or her name, telephone and mobile number.

3.Now find out who the Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) is for your area. Remember this: Mostly, the AEE doubles up as a PIO (Public Information Officer) under the RTI Act, and he is liable to give you information. In some cases the EE (Executive Engineer and in some cases the JD (Joint Director) is designated as the PIO, and there is an appellate authority who supersedes him.

4.Now it's time to get into action mode - fill out an RTI form and submit it to the AEE (or PIO) and ask for a list of all the development works that have been executed in your area during a certain period. For example, ask for a list of works executed for the last 6 months, or for the last financial year. Also, ask for a list of the contractors and the corporation officials who were involved with the work, the total amount spent, the budgeted amount and what is the balance left, if any.

5.The PIO has to furnish this information within 30 days. Be ready for a delay as sometimes PIOs are not cooperative, and if their non-cooperation continues, you may approach the appellant authority that presides over the PIO and sits in the same department as him. If the appellate authority too does not act, you can approach the CIC (Chief Information Commissioner), who sits at MS Building, Gate No. 2, 3rd Floor, Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore-560001. The Chief Information Officer (CIC) will then take up the mater with the PIO. You must ask for a penalty of Rs. 250/- per day for every day starting from the 31st day of your original request.

6.Once you receive the information from the BBMP, you must check to see if the work has been done as per the estimate. Check the list of development works against the actual work done. It's as easy as that. In many cases it will not be, and that is why Bangalore is where it's at today. This then becomes the basis to seek remedies.

7.Note, in some cases, you should also examine tender documents to remove any doubt you may have.
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