Documents to get verified

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Documents to get verified

Postby vishwas_bda » August 1st, 2013, 11:49 am

Had posted this in general category, moving to more appropriate forum here

I am looking to invest in a layout near sarjapur village.
This is supposed to come under BMRDA - Anekal development authority jurisdiction.
The developer is asking for 50% payment right now, and remaining during registeration.
Right now there is nothing at the proposed location.
Developer is telling that he is still procuring that piece of land and next he will get the dc conversion done, and finally get BMRDA approval.
If I want to track the development, can someone guide me on what documents I should ask from him and get verified, of course all the documents may not be with him right now, but as and when it comes.

Currently my list includes
1. Agreement with land owner, intent of purchase
2. Mutation Register of the land
3. RTC
4. NOC from Townplanning authority (which bodies are these? I can think of pollution control as one)
5. Layout approval from local planning authority (BDA, BMRDA, development authorities of Nelamangala, Channapatna, Anekal )

Please help me in creating a proper list of documents which I should keep track of.
Thanks in advance !

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