Cost of construction for 30*50

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Cost of construction for 30*50

Postby gautham » May 25th, 2019, 6:55 pm

Hi All,
Two queries.
1. 30*50 site. The plan is G+1 floor. Ground car parking for 2 cars, hall, 1 bed room and kitchen. 1st floor 2 bed rooms. What is the approximate cost of construction ( assuming high quality materials?
2. 40*60 site. (Frankly I dont need a 40 * 60. But found a very good site. So considering this too). Planning to build with the same spec as 30*50 site. (G+1 floor of 3bhk). But build it on 1500 sq land area. So about 900 sq ft will be empty ( Actually will be a little more since the plan of 1500 sq ft includes includes car parking). My query is, will this look odd?. Do people build like this?.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cost of construction for 30*50

Postby pri » May 25th, 2019, 7:53 pm

Not many people build smallish building in a 40x60 site anymore. But this is why it will stand out, with a little bit of landscaping.

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Re: Cost of construction for 30*50

Postby Visualizer » May 27th, 2019, 2:49 pm

There is nothing odd about it, In fact a house with landscaping is ultimate status symbol these days.

(1) Cost of construction as a rule of thumb you can roughly assume 1800 to 2000 Rs per sq feet of built-up area depending on how you construct. If you can do material procurement and give out labour contract then it could be on lower side and if you give full contract then take as upper value.

Unfinished civil structure (foundation , columns , walls roof etc including plaster) will be 1400-1500 and another
500 you can take for finishing ( flooring, plumbing, sanitary ware , doors , windows, electricals )

(2) 1500 sq ft for 40x60 plot is just about right
you are not going to get much of the landscaping if you construct 1500 sq feet in 2400 sq feet plot ( 40x60) is is just as per BBMP bylaws you need to leave 8% offsets on sides , 8% at back and 12% in front So that means out of 2400 sq feet you can construct only 1528 Sq feet.

In fact if you want to leave a small garden area you need to leave some more land open then mandatory offsets.

If you are imagining 1500 sq feet plinth area to be too small then may be mentally you are comparing with apartments,
In apartments when you buy 1500 sq feet you just get around 900 to 1100 sq feet carpet area as 1500 is the super built up.

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Re: Cost of construction for 30*50

Postby gautham » June 21st, 2019, 7:59 pm

Thanks pri and Visualizer. I have zeroed on a few 30-50 sites. Lets see how it goes

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Re: Cost of construction for 30*50

Postby Design2Konstruct » August 15th, 2019, 11:26 am

The cost of construction as per the present market rates starts from 1750 to 2200 Rs /Sft depending on the kind of materials to be used. For 1750 , you get a basic material range and you go to higher costs then the quality of the material to be used also costs more. The client will always have tendency to select the material to be used.

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