House construction in whitefield

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Re: House construction in whitefield

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sunil18vns wrote:Writing review after a long time since i started started on 22 Nov 19 and now G plus 3 building of around 5800 sft entire structure is ready...cud not post pictures for now...plastering also done for ground n 1st contractor has put 9 masonary people n work is going very fast....he has multi tasked work n aim to complete entire work by Apr along with full finish...truely lucky to get a right professional team with such a great dedication.....will share more step is to buy tiles so searching dealers for it .....
In 3 months 4 slabs including the footings! try to leave some time for curing and settling, this is not the right speed. Mason may be ready to do it faster but minimum 21 day time is required for curing/settling on any concrete work, According to me the you should have taken 6 months to come to this stage!
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Re: House construction in whitefield

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With 53 grade cement, it sets faster 2 weeks of centering is fine, i hardly see any challenge so far...curing still happens for all floors...
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Re: House construction in whitefield

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Hi, Sunil
Its very well appreciated that contractor is taking up work faster with out loosing time. Most cases fast work is possible when the design is typical style floor plans / straight slabs . Few things to be taken care while doing a faster work.
1.Beam lines to be matched from floor to floor to avoid higher plastering thickness
2.Since plastering started in ground floor i would say its just 30% of work happened till date , issues will pop up as the finishing works starts. Mason work is done by 50% only so accordigly payments to him should be monitored .
3.Staircase lines & risers height to be checked by tile layer befor plastering to be done
4.All room corners to be checked by tile layer to avoid skews in the tile laying, In case of any minimal skews in the corners can be adjusted in the wall plaster .
5.Window and door edges to be checked for 90degree angles
6. Plumber to be brought in to check the levels before external plastring work starts .

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