Average cost of bathroom renovation

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Re: Average cost of bathroom renovation

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Visualizer wrote:
April 6th, 2021, 11:45 pm
Yes it will work.. any reason you don't want to get provision of solar water heater ? In my e )opinion if suppose you are getting the lines laid a provision of solar heater or heatpump water heater will not heve too much incremental cost ( you can fit them later also of you have pipes in place) however savings in energy bills are quite good.
Everybody in the family is against solar water heaters because it occupies more space in the terrace (we do go there a lot) and because of its fragility. A heat pump is something I can consider. Any good brands for that?

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January 6th, 2021, 11:06 pm
1. Kohler rimless Wall hung WC 25K approx ( good one best can go higher to a lakh depending on models )
2 Kohler countertop washbasin 15K approx ( decent one they have quite expensive ones also)
3. Gerberit Concealed tank 6-10k or 40mm flush valve American Standard if you have 15feet water head (dont go for 32mm)
4. Steel frame 2K

Bath fittings approx 1 -2 L if you are adding rain showers keep on upping the budget.

3. Grohe 4 way thermostat diverter 20K
4 grohe plates/knobs ( big range but rounded was cheaper ) 20K
I had also read that in India, Jaquar lasts (relatively) longer compared to German and American brands because it is better suited for hard water in India. But it looks like you are mostly chosen German and American brands and only used Jaquar for leftovers. Does it mean that you have a water softener installed too? Any good brands for water softeners?
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Re: Average cost of bathroom renovation

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Visualizer wrote:
January 10th, 2021, 8:07 pm
3. Yes if you need larger showers and body jets you need pressure boosting pump.
So while renovating keep 3 water lines from roof
1. 2 inch line for flush
2. Pressurized cold water line
3. Pressurized insulated hotwater line from solar water heater / heat pump.

Single pressure pump can service both hot and cold lines. Ensure your solar heater is compatible to take pressure pump.
A few more thoughts that came to mind...
1. For the point 2 in above quote, is it possible to use 2 inch pipe for the cold water line as well and avoid pressure pump? I'm trying to see if pressure pump can be eliminated AND use water 4 outlet body jets (getting greedy now :P )
2. What method do we need to use for waterproofing bathroom floor? Is it the one called "pointing" where they drill hold and inject waterproofing liquid at high pressure or is there any better method for it?
3. Regarding water hardness and bathroom fittings, is it the case that for moderately hard water, we need not worry when going with high end fittings and only worry about it with the water is very hard?

Thank you very much for the advise so far. Really appreciate it.
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Re: Average cost of bathroom renovation

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Since pressure is force per unit area and in this case is gravitational force exerted on mass of water divided by area of pipe cross section is the pressure the diameter of pipe can not increase or decrease pressure.
Suppose you have two pipes with tank at same height wider diameter pipe will deliver higher volume of water in unit time (higher flow) at same pressure.

2 inch (or min 1.5 inch) pipe is used for flush valve as you require more volume of water in short time for flushing in fact max pressure recommended for FV is 4 bar, beyond this you will get splash outside.

For bodyshowers there is a certain minimum pressure requirement check the specification first if gravity can give you that much pressure its fine else you need pressure boosting pump.

Copying a link for conversion between height of water tank (water head)and pressure for you

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