Going to start construction

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Going to start construction

Postby ssharma » February 26th, 2017, 4:55 pm

Hello folks,

I find this forum incredibly helpful and have gained valuable insight from others so time to return the favour. I'm going to be starting construction soon and will keep posting queries and updates in this thread as frequently as I can.

Mine is a 30x40 A khata, south facing site near Vidyaranyapura.
Just started and still finalizing the design so the progress is a bit slow.
Work done so far.

1.Got a crude plan from architect based on my requirements. (I'm going to construct a G+3(2BHK on 1st and 2nd floor), ground floor will be parking and a small storage room)
2. Spoke w/ my land agent, he will get the plan approved(I'm going for 2 kitchens) and will pay a bribe of approx 20k apart from the usual fee.
3. Hired a geologist for 2000 rupees and found that I have water under my plot. The layout has cauvery water supply but at times the water comes at odd times so thinking of digging a borewell for peace of mind. The water level suggested by the geologist is at ~650ft.
4. Found a mason near my place. He has just completed two projects and people gave positive reviews about him. He is charging 28000/chaddar. elevation and boundary wall is not included.
5. Looking for a boring company, any pointers here will be appreciated.
6. Will get the plan approval and then apply for bank loan and do bhoomipooja.
1. Any pointers for getting the boring done? Will a 3HP pump be sufficient for this depth.
2. The plan my architect gave has open kitchen, I was thinking, instead of making walls around kitchen, make wooden partitions, it will be better looking and will be flexible to an extent, anyone done this? if yes any idea about the approx cost.

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Re: Going to start construction

Postby ssharma » April 9th, 2017, 10:30 am

An update,

So we got our plan approval done with the help of our broker. we paid the usual amount + 21k for bribe

got the bhoomipooja done, paid 2.5k to Pundit.
Got the borewell done, water yield was kinda low at 2in but the borewell guy said it's sufficient for a household. Water started coming at 250ft but he kept on digging till 700ft.
We paid 1.1 lakh for the borewell.
Many many thanks to @swamy_blr for all the assistance he provided w/ borewell operation.
Gonna get out structural design from our architect by Wednesday. Gonna build a shed to store logistics on next empty side this week. For that we will be buying 500 concrete blocks which can later be re-purposed for boundary wall.

Need help with sand suppliers and getting a temporary bescom connection.

Thanks for reading. Will keep updating.

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Re: Going to start construction

Postby senapathigopi » April 10th, 2017, 2:19 pm

Hi Sharma

Congratulations! looks like we both are in same stage my site in NRI Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar, I'm constructing a duplex in 35*42 site.

I just completed pooja, borewell (740ft), storeroom & excavations.

Applied for temp power waiting for it from a local guy, not sure if you can work with same guy as yours is too far

Then got a quote yesterday for borewell pumpset like below

Texmo taro 3hp 30 stage 1 phase = 23500
hdpe pipe 12.5kg
P63 - 98*215 mtrs = 21070
Panel Board 3hp = 2850
Cable 225 mtr * 85 = 19125
total = 66545
Tax 5.5% = 3700

Clamp set 800
Labor transport 3000
G Total 74000
For 3 Phase Motor rate is 500 lesser
but panel board costs 1500 more

let me know if you need a contact borewell or eletricity guy


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Re: Going to start construction

Postby ssharma » April 10th, 2017, 2:39 pm

Hey thank you first of all, your quotation helps.

I had no idea you can install a single phase motor for that kind of depth, are there any disadvantages of going for a 3phase motor?

also. when you applied for a temporary connection, what kind of connection did you take 3kwh or 4?

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Re: Going to start construction

Postby kartheek » April 10th, 2017, 2:47 pm

Thanks Sharma and Senapathi. It seems all three of us are in same stage. Mine is at Whitefield.

1. I got the borewell (950ft) done in Feb (12th) - yet to setup the motor.
2. I completed the footing grid marking yesterday and stated the excavation today (10th April).

@Senapathi - where did you get the quote for Texmo and other accessories? Contact please?

Today, I contacted multiple dealers/shops/godwons for Steel. It seems steel prices have shot up, I got the following quote (per ton) for different brands. Can you tell me if this price makes sense?

1. Indus Fe 550 TMT -> 49,500/-
2. Meenakshi Fe 500 -> 46,000/-
3. JSW Fe 550 -> 8 inch 50,000/- & other size 49,500/-
4. Tata -> dealer don't encourage Tata steel in Marathalli and Whitefield area (not sure, if there isn't much commission/margin for Tata steel)

Interestingly, one dealer on a friendly note advised me not to bargain too much anywhere w.r.t steel as many might trick with weighing scale to compensate the bargained price difference. Not sure how far true.

Any steel dealer contacts please?


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Re: Going to start construction

Postby senapathigopi » April 10th, 2017, 3:24 pm

@Sharma - with little inquiries i made from friends who are using around 900ft depth all of them are using single phase.
People suggested me if 3phase power is available in my site then go for 3phase motors they said. with 3phase motor less maintenance cost and lesser power consumption " i'm surprised too to hear this".

And for temp connection I applied for 4kwh, better to go higher if motors are going to be used in construction which is quite common these days I believe.

@Kartheek Great! got borewell contact from my friend. He is his friend's father and this is more off a dealer's rate.

since yours 950ft i guess stage will increase little more i guess, and on steel prices i've not yet consulted till now

His # 95917 09370 Mr Pradip


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Re: Going to start construction

Postby swamy_blr » April 10th, 2017, 3:32 pm

Hi Kartheek,

Steel prices has really shot up from past 4-5 months, My First lot of JSW Steel was 37000/- Now it is 48000/- per Ton. Almost 11K increased.
The prices mentioned by you above is too high at least by 2000/- Check with other dealers as well. Go to multiple dealers and don't stick to single dealer always.

Regarding weight you need to physically go there at dealer during Steel purchase. Don't call and give the order.
They will fool you on weight one or the other means. I don't think you can bargain too much on Steel as they won't go too much less.

Cement price also gone up due to lorry strike (Birla super is 430/- and Bharthi cement is 400/- )


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Re: Going to start construction

Postby satyagupta1603 » April 10th, 2017, 9:27 pm

Hello Senapathi,
Thanks for sharing info . Are you got plan approval @ Horamavu BBMP office ?? Regarding that how much you paid apart from standard charges . I also have a site @ East of NGEF layout closer to Ramamurthy nagr old police station side . I am trying to get Khata extract (up to date ) from last few weeks from Horamavu BBMP office , though not successful .
Any contact for plan approval will help me as well.

-Sree rama chandra Gupta

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Re: Going to start construction

Postby ssharma » April 11th, 2017, 11:16 am

@senapathigopi: Thanks for the info on motor. I will confirm this w/ an electrician, my only concern was that you might need to shell out more/month on a 3phase connection. I'll ask around and let you know.

@kartheek: Thanks for your input on steel prices. I was under the impression that steel prices have gone down. They are infact down in north india, nonetheless, I'll check with the cement and steel dealer near our plot and confirm the final prices.

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Re: Going to start construction

Postby ssharma » April 12th, 2017, 12:21 pm

I was inquiring about upvc windows and doors. Came across a company called green window, their email id is greenwindowindustry@gmail.com. they offer three profiles namely chinese, korean and german(I don't even know what these mean at this point) per sqft prices quoted to me are 385,425 and 525 respectively.

Need to research more on this. What kind of wood frames are you guys using? And can someone share approx cost of these?

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