House contruction estimate review.

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House contruction estimate review.

Postby ramki067 » February 1st, 2018, 3:15 pm

Hi friends,
My bro is going to start his house construction for a duplex house on a 30x40 east facing site.
Attached is the estimate given by a contractor. Please review it and provide your valuable opinions.

Thanks very much.

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Re: House contruction estimate review.

Postby ragalax » February 2nd, 2018, 11:41 am

in the estimate it is given M25 ratio is 1:1.5:3 but actually M25 is 1:1:2 (cement:sand:jelly)
similarly M20 is given as 1:2:4 but M20 is 1:1.5:3
RCC work is estimated at 700000 but if we follow the correct ration then it will cross 900000 (i.e 100/- per sft)
and river sand is at 100/- per cft which we are not getting now it is around 125 to 130 per cft so expected to pay 1,50,000 extra (approximately)
door frame sizes can be bigger at least 3.5"x5" for internal doors and 5"x6" for main door would have been better and i feel that it can be included in the estimate with out any change in the total cost. 1100 for saal wood and 2100 for teak wood at this price we will not get good quality wood.
base cost of tile is 50 when you got for selection you will tent to select the tile above 100 psft so you have to pay 50k -70k more

if the contractor can include everything which i have mentioned above (worth 4 to 5 lakhs) then i feel it is a good to go.

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