Need feedback on Mantri Serenity

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Need feedback on Mantri Serenity

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Hello Folks,

I am looking to buy an apartment in South Bangalore, specifically in and around Kanakapura Road. I have shortlisted Mantri Serenity as one of the potential apartment for purchase.

However, I needed feedback from experts here and from people who have already booked in this project.
1. What is the general feedback about Mantri developers in general and Mantri serenity in specific?
2. I heard there already has been some delay (around 3 years or so) in this project. Any idea on why this delay?
3. Also heard there were some legal issues or some approval related issues. Any idea on if this is true, and if yes, what was the issue?
4. They are indicating that if I book now, the possession would be by Dec 2017. I am expecting a delay of around 6 months on this possession date. Would there be more than 6 months of delay with Mantri? if so, what would be an approximate delay. Heard that Mantri Alpyne is delayed by about 1 year currently.
5. Any known issues related to Maintenance or amenities post possession with Mantri Developers?

Thanks in advance for your help and feedback.

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