Sugathi helping to Ejipura slum dwellers

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Sugathi helping to Ejipura slum dwellers

Postby krish » January 25th, 2013, 8:06 am

Hi all,

Below mail I've received from Sugati - a non-profit developmental organization aiming to bring social development through child education. Sugathi's President Srinath was a former colleague of mine and he was always passionate about social causes. He started Sugati way back in 2007 along with couple of friends and have been supporting Sugathi all these years.

Please go through below post and lend your helping hand for the people in need. Yesterday there was an article in news papers that a lady was dead who was one of the member who lost their home ( Though there may be many other sever conditions in any other part of the world, we now have the opportunity to work with the passionate people and lets take part of the cause. Please don't forget to pass on in your circle also.


You might be aware of the recent developments involving demolition of Ejipura EWS Colony by Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike on 19th Januray with the help of police force. Nearly 2000 men, women and children turned shelter-less. Keeping aside the legalities of residents, in an inhuman gesture, Govt has done this to allow construction of a shopping mall.

As an association of socially responsible, committed individuals, we propose that Sugathi should help them in whatever way possible, within our feasible boundaries. This can involve helping in terms of funds, food, water, material like food, blankets and winter wear etc. Later we can plan to help those children for education, in long run.

Please contact Srinath @ 9886777878 for more details.

Here are the links to various articles published in newspapers.

If you indiviadually wish to help, please check below.

The team working at Ejipura Slum (near Koramangala) ensuring basic necessities like food and water reaches them needs support all day today also. They are just around 5- 6 people trying to support close to 1500 displaced men , women and children. They have been tirelessly working since last Saturday since the entire land had been made flat. Akshay Patra is supplying major portion in the night, but there is shortage for close to 500 people everyday.

SUPPORT NEEDED : Funds to buy food , anyone who can supply food on time especially for dinner , blankets for night , Volunteers who could help in local logistics of distributing food. Contact Gee: 85475-09848 OR Sumathi: 98451-65143 if you are willing to volunteer , provide funds or supply food packets . We do not know for how long they would need support since most of them have no means of finding another place for stay. Few have left in the past few days taking loans for paying a hefty advance amount.

The people on the land with no roof above are burning plastic, old pieces of wood to ensure safety and to fight cold in the night . If anyone has better means of providing lights , it would help in ensuring children are not exposed to toxic smoke everyday .

Thank you,

Humanly wishes,
Best regards,
Sugathi Society,

Social Development Through Child Education

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Re: Sugathi helping to Ejipura slum dwellers

Postby blrsiteseeker » January 25th, 2013, 9:31 am


good thing. I think we should encourage such posts and draw people to support this. By the way can you PM me your contact info, I would like to talk to you about this.


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Re: Sugathi helping to Ejipura slum dwellers

Postby namburi » January 25th, 2013, 10:11 am

Good initiative ,we should encourage these kind of programs through our forum.At least people interested in will come forward.
I should thank our admins & moderators for taking care of forum .


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