SMV Layout site for sale - Block 2

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SMV Layout site for sale - Block 2

Postby mareyalare » January 10th, 2018, 11:15 pm

1. Location of the plot: SMV Layout 2nd Block
2. Size details: 30x40 1200 sft
3. Facing (which side the plot faces - North, South, East, West): South
4. Information about developer / builder: BDA
5. State if it is a BDA plot or not: BDA plot
6. Approvals - BDA, BMRDA, BBMP, DC conversion etc.: BDA
7. Katha type - Specify whether it is A katha or B katha or other: A Khata
8. Price info - price per sq. ft and total price.Rs 4800 psft
9. Eligible for bank loans: Yes
10. Contact info (email): aukumar at hotmail dot com
11. If direct seller or Broker: Direct
12. If Broker - post the fees/commissions you charge: n/a

Thanks for viewing.

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