Tiles/Granite Flooring

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Tiles/Granite Flooring

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Hi All ,
Need help on flooring .I have purchased a house which is 10 year old in 2016 . It has tiles floor . But the tiles are too dirty with scratches all over and the lines are visible all over. So thinking of changing them now . I would be needing 800 sqft in total for entire flooring .
I have visited some tiles shops near MCECHS layout ( Hegdenagar) and came across following .
currently most of the shops are showing 2*4 = 8sqft tiles with glassy finishing .
Most of them are 10mm thick . There are so many brands .
I am giving below
Century 65/sqft
Valentina 75/sqft
Rollza 65/sqft
Flavour 65/sqft
Flavour colors (red and Gold ) 85/sqft
S.G. 48 /Sqft.
S.G Double coating 65/Sqft

Also I came across some thing called double coating . This is slightly costlier .What is this ?Do we need to go for double coating or single would be fine ?
How do we judge the quality of tiles ?Given that in my home current tiles are with too much scratches and lines is it worth going for tiles again?
or do we need to go for granite ?
I am so confused as which one to choose among these tiles.
I have never came across these brand names .
So could anyone suggest which company is good ?
Also Could you please suggest best place to buy the tiles in North Bangalore ?
What will be laying cost for the tiles ?
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Re: Tiles/Granite Flooring

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I think you should check RAK Ceramics. Price is also reasonable and there are display centers all over Bangalore. The sales guy can suggest you what your choice should be based on your requirement. And such shops will procure the stock for you once you make a choice and make an advance payment. The typical roadside shops will want to get rid of their current stocks so you won't have much choices. RAK is a good brand by the way. Having said that there are othre brands as well such as Johnson, Kajaria etc..but they cost way too high.
BTW, I used RAK Ceramics at home and am happy with their quality. Have used for bathroom walls, flooring and in verandah.
But if you really want long lasting ones you should go for granite but will cost you much more than tiles.
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