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Re: Electric Geyser

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Thanks praveen,
I clears a few doubts now.
Also does any one have any idea of a 5 star rated geyser?. i have seen most to be 4 star rated.

Also has anyone used A O Smith brand geyser and have any reviews on that. The reviews on the net does not really help as they are very few and divided.

I am looking for Racold or A O Smith brand, so want to know which is better?

Also does any geyser come with a automatic Switch on facility at a given time every day?

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Re: Electric Geyser

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I purchased a Bajaj Platini Water heater (25L). The shopkeeper mentioned that it is 5 star rated as per BEE standards. The installation has went fine and the water heater is working. But only time will tell the performance of the water heater.
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Re: Electric Geyser

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what is the most preferred brand for storage heater these days?

price for a 15L storage?
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Re: Electric Geyser

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Hi ,
In geysers Racold is fast moving for reasons of various coil and tank options available (mid segment), in high end "Ao Smith" due to smart technology available in it.

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Re: Electric Geyser

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So many expert opinions on geyser here. Too late in the discussion but does anybody here have any personal experience of using electric geyser with hard water? I have a really bad water at my place in Delhi with horrible TDS. So, thinking of getting a geyser that has hard water protection. I have found some good options here - https://www.lazydadreviews.com/best-geysers-for-hard-water/ and I have decided to pick any. Your suggestions would be really appreciated.
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