Need References on Carpenters and Interior Designers

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Re: Need References on Carpenters and Interior Designers

Postby jinil » February 26th, 2018, 12:42 pm

sudheshpn wrote:My interior was done by a Rajasthani Carpenter. I am very happy with his workmanship because he
Completed my project in time and executed exactly the way we wanted. He was reachable whenever I call him for purchase. My Interior Designers were very happy because there was no rework or wastage of material and they didn’t find hard to explain. Just show him the pic and measurement he will execute the way you want. He said he will complete his work in 45 days 3 BR, 1 Kitchen, 1 Pooja room Villa and he did so on time.

Sharing some of the pictures of his work he had done in my house

1) Completes work on time
2) Easily accessible
3) Rates are pretty decent
4) He accept both material and labor contract
5) No wastage of material
6) Recommends the best wood/hardware material to purchase
1) He speaks only Hindi

If you are interested please PM me as I don’t want to break forum rules. He is no way related to me and I wanted genuine and highly skilled person like him to grow. Thank you!

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Re: Need References on Carpenters and Interior Designers

Postby jinil » February 26th, 2018, 12:43 pm

Can you please share the contact number of carpenter?

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Re: Need References on Carpenters and Interior Designers

Postby sudheshpn » February 26th, 2018, 5:27 pm

You can contact him
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Re: Need References on Carpenters and Interior Designers

Postby philiptm » March 7th, 2018, 4:20 pm


Please can you share his contact no.

zipperboy wrote:Hi,

i did some research and found out the same which Praveen mentions, no carpenter works below Rs 200. ( they quoted from 200 - 260 , just labour)

i got lucky during my search and found one guy who did my work for Rs 180/sq ft. he did a good work, i am happy with the same.
its a team of three and they finished 2 rooms and 2 kitchen work in 1 month time, the reason why i recommending him is his behaviour was good too.

Let me know if you are interested i will PM his number to you., he did my work near nagwara, thanisandra.

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Re: Need References on Carpenters and Interior Designers

Postby msn1270 » March 7th, 2018, 9:14 pm

Dear Philip

Do not believe that message from Zipperboy. No body does charity in this business world.
We asked for the material break up and the architect Praveen asked for photos to see the quality of work.
Till today zipperboy did not shared any info for our queries.

Low cost is not the only factor in considering the Service of a carpenter. You need to look at the workmanship, Quality of the material used & you need to verify them at least 1 year after the work is executed to know its durability.

I have seen couple of my colleagues, went with the so called low cost carpenters due to tight budget. But ended with repenting experience in terms of Service Delivery and quality of workmanship. Here are some feedback from those victims.

1) ***** Post work experiences ****

Beware of below mentioned carpenter.
He will stop picking your call for any service or not come to replace things for which he has given promise to replace if it’s not working.

Me and one of my relative are facing same issue.

Think before giving any work to him.

2) My parents got woodwork done for their home a month back, and I referred them Mr XXXXX (Mobile: XXXXXXXX). I received this referral from a fellow colleague (I do not want to take the person’s name, nor is this email directed to him, but it is directed to general audience to make them aware)
My parents were highly dissatisfied by his work.
• He used very low quality ply/laminates (this we realized later when my dad did a survey)
• After 2 weeks of finishing the work, glass fittings that he used started to come off
• The laminates that he stuck started developing air bubbles because of poor glue quality
• They had to call him repeatedly, but he just ignored all the calls. When finally he did turn up, he dismissed all their complains and went away
• He also used horrible quality beading's
• His attitude in general was very bad during and after the work.

Please, if anyone comes across him, do not ever use his pathetic services.

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