Online Painting Quotation charges(Asian, Berger, aapkapainter, colordrive)

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Online Painting Quotation charges(Asian, Berger, aapkapainter, colordrive)

Postby baradur » April 13th, 2017, 6:14 pm

After 5 long years of our stay in an independent house… we have decided to go for painting. I was not knowing what is painting & repainting difference, it took time to understand the same(web & some people blogs reviews helped me lot). Later did some research on which paint to go for, whether it is Asian, Berger or Jotun. I have listed only three, I felt in my opinion these 3 are enough to decide on(based reviews only).

I checked with my neighbour, as they did repainting work recently & got painter contact. I called them up to visit my home, they were local painters not the online. They gave labour charge of 30K(including interior, exterior, windows, doors, gates & terrace water proofing) & they calculated to painting charges as 35 to 40K(plus 5K additional) based on their experience. Person was very decent & polite, I thought I will give contract to him.

Before finalising, did some more googling, found Asian, Berger, color drive & paintmywalls. I got the quotation from Asian, Berger, color drive, Asian was very high, same with Berger & color drive, difference between three is around 10K.

Thought better go with local painter, where I got the reference from my neighbour. I don’t know whether it’s my luck or bad luck, due to some emergency work, he has to visit his home town. It will take him at-least month to comeback.

As my painting requirement was very urgent which I wanted to finish this activity quickly before my kids school re-opens again. Started googling….read lots of very bad reviews about Berger & Asian. Even after reading these bad reviews I finalised the deal with Berger over the phone, I was supposed to pay him the advance next day.

One same day I found some very good review(4.8/5) about the painting company called, aapkapainter. I was regretting why did I finalized with Berger, I called aapkapainter on the same day, one of the representative by name Prakar answered my call, sent their representative. Aapka painter shared the quote on the same, their quote was very high, every online company were charging 3-4 times paint value. Thought I will write review of the same under aapkapainter & wrote attached review posted the same on online with google.

I was wondering how aapkapainter has got 4.8/5 from 163 reviewers….why there was no negative review comment for their company. Next day(after quotation discussion day/ my review on google day) around 10AM, I got call from Prakar(aapka painter representative). He was asking me why did I write such kind of review, he wanted me to explain. I gave example how many liters of paint is required & shared the cost the same. He was not convinced, he was saying they are 12(NIT) people who left their lucrative job to organize the unorganized sector(like these). As if they are doing some social service to the people, I explained to him if he is professional he should accept the good & bad reviews. He was saying, 100 good reviews will not matter to him it seems, one bad review is very important to him. The 18 minute discussion didn’t resulted any conclusion, he wanted me to remove the comment, for which I agreed to remove from google.

I didn’t remove the comment till 4PM, I received call again from Prakar requesting to remove the comment, as I don’t wanted to remove the comment after discussing the same with my colleagues. All of my colleagues are on the same page, they were mentioning if they are quoting 3 or 4 times paint value, it’s is very bad. Discussion went on & he wanted to talk to his manager/lead by name Navneet, he is also arguing the basis of the same. He is giving me management funda of Pepsi production cost & their selling price. As I have not availed their service, I don’t know them, I said to Navneet I am only writing on quotation part & not the service part,even he wanted me to remove my comment. These people claim they are from NIT’s, I believe they should accept good & bad review together. I got know from this discussion that why they have 4.8/5 rating.

Navneet was mentioning it’s there April Month, it will affect their business, he is requesting me to remove the same. I felt, I shouldn’t be affecting someone else business(my review in Google), I thought I will write the review about the same here. Realized now how they got 4.8 rating….

Coming back to painting part, whoever(including me) has given painting to the online contractor, we are getting cheated( because we will go through 3 or 4 quotation, read the review & decide, where the cost is 3 to 4 time the painting cost). Please check what is original cost of the paint & their service ?

I have decided, I will paint on my own when I will repaint it again in sometime, saw some you tube videos, which are very useful to decide.

Will share my re-painting experience after 15 days, once it is done.:)


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Re: Online Painting Quotation charges(Asian, Berger, aapkapainter, colordrive)

Postby Naveenraj123 » May 8th, 2017, 10:22 pm

Understand something - all these online services or so called NIT passouts start ups use the local labour to accomplish their work, what they do well is design a website do nice marketing and make it appear very professional

I'll give u example, farmer grows apple, apples are purchased by wholesaler then by retailer and then u buy from them

Imagine if you buy from farmer directly ?

So buy paint and give it to some local skilled painter to do the work.

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