2019 : Material Prices

These are Non - negotiated rates in the market
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2019 : Material Prices

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All prices including GST delivery and unloading
Please chip in with prices of other items.

1. Cement (100 bags)

1. Dalmia OPC 53 grade : 355/-
2. Birla Shakti OPC 53 : 375/-

Purchased from Materialtree initial quote was 365 for Dalmia OPC 53

2. Steel

JSW Neo Fe 500D : 53500/-

3. RMC

RDC 4400/- per cubic meter

4. 8 inch solid concrete blocks 33/- per piece.

Will update as and when I purchase other items.
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Re: May 2019 : Material Prices

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Latest Cement prices June 19 per 100 bags

Just for benefit of anyone else looking for some estimates

Dalmia OPC 53 - 345/-
Coromandel King OPC 53 - 335/-
Birla Shakti OPC 53 - 345/-
Zuari OPC 53 - 365/-
Ramco 355/-

PS : brands do not matter
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July 2019 : Material Prices

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Steel 6July 2019
SAIL 500 D 46000/- per tonne
Vizag 500D 45000/- per tonne

Cement 28 June 2019 prices

Dalmia OPC 53 - 340/- per bag for 100 bags
Birla Shakti 338/-

Waterproofing coatings

BASF Masterseal 551 20 Kg (15 kg powder + 5 Kg liquid) : 2065/-
Fosroc Brushbond Rfx : 2400/-
Fosroc Brushbond (20kg + 7kg) : 2100/-


100 gsm 100 m roll ( 100x2 = 200 sq m) 5000/-
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Re: 2019 : Material Prices

Post by Avinashganeshrao »

Thanks All for the information. Can it be useful for the members if you mention the dealer / seller details as well please.
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Re: 2019 : Material Prices

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My purpose is not to advertise any particular dealer however If anyone needs contact of supplier PM me I will share.

In past I have seen that phone numbers / websites are seen as hidden advertising and deleted.

Also I want other people to share prices here so that I can also benifit.

All these things are commodities so should be same at all the dealers however dealers take advantage of ignorance specially if we do not know to what level we can negotiate.

For steel my experience is best way is to go to website of primary steel producer such as Tata / JSW / SAIL and search the Bangalore dealer from there and call him. There are only 1 or 2 dealers per brand listed in Bangalore urban district by these companies and they give best prices as on that day.
All the other friendly neighborhood shops try to push products from other brands which are generally endorsed by local celebrities or find heavy advertising behind BMTC buses and autos.

80% of people ( including contractors and architects) I talked to never asked price of Primary steels ( Sail / Vizag / Jsw) assuming they must be very costly going by pricing of Tata Tiscon however prices are at times lower then other brands.

In my case the pricing I got for Indus ( 56K per tonn) was close to Tata ( 57.5 K) and higher then JSW ( 53.5K).
Tirumala ( 52K) / Meenakshi (53K) were at similar price as JSW so I just bought JSW ( Till now 8 Tonnes purchased for footings , Plinth , retaining wall and tank) thinking it is best and cheapest among primary steels.

However later I found that SAIL and VIZAG are even cheaper so for all the slabs and columns planning to go with SAIL / VIZAG

Interesting point : I was saw some posts here from 2014 - 2015 and even then price of cement and steel was almost same. In few case even higher so inflation in material prices is contained.
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Re: 2019 : Material Prices

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10 Aug 2019

JSW Neo 500D- 52000/- per tonn, transport and unloading included quantity 3 tonn.
Further discount if quantity is more then 5 tonn

SAIL 500D - 52500/- unloading and transport not included.

Binding Wire 50kg : 3399/-

17 Aug 2019


Dalmia OPC53 - 330/- per bag ( for 100 bags)
Koromandal King OPC 53 - 335/- ( for 100 bags)

M25 concrete RDC brand
4400/- per cubic meter

Roff waterproofing admixture
850/- for 5 liter can.

1 inch pipe for moulding- 58/-
3/4 inch pipe for moulding- 38/-
Deep junction box - 31/
Fan box - 45/-
Recessed Spot light box 48/-

Steel Ceiling hooks for putting in casting 250/
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Re: 2019 : Material Prices

Post by SimpleSom »

Hi Visualizer, looks like prices are going southwards. Thanks for posting the price list and also would like to contact you as I am also planning to start to construct my house in Vijayanagar area.

Request for other members as well to post the prices they have comes across recently as it will help rest of the members to construct house without getting cheated from middle men.
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Re: 2019 : Material Prices

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Feb 2020

Dalmia OPC 53 : 330/-

Feb 24th

Dalmia PPC : 315/- per bag for lot of 100 Bags ( purchased for plastering)
Slag Sand : 1800/- per Ton for full lorry ( 26T)

Cerra IWP waterproof liquid : 840 Rs for can of 12 Liters ( For mixing in wall plastering)

BASF Masterseal 551 : 2000/- for 15Kg powder + 3Kg liquid pack ( Coating on Toilet walls before plaster)

Structural Steel approx. 50Rs kg ( Purchased ISMC 150 C channels of Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant and 40X60mm and 4mm gauge steel tubes)
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