Custom Built Villas @ Srinivas Nagar- Hosakerehalli

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Custom Built Villas @ Srinivas Nagar- Hosakerehalli

Postby nagamani » August 8th, 2012, 5:55 pm

Hi All,

Can some one provide me review on this project by Bhagini Developers?

I have visited the site, but not booked due to some doubts which got popped up.

1) There seems to be BBMP ASHRAYA houses etc coming up, is this true? If its true will there be depreciation of prices in these areas?
2) It's next to BEML layout- not sure about the phase/stage though...
3) One direction next to nice road, so we might fee bit remote area
4) another direction still needs to be developed, sort of hill area, may take some time to develop
5) Even this site bit hill area, not sure if there would be any complication in future if we construct houses there...

Any review/suggestion/guidance would help a lot..


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