Vakil Garden City

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Vakil Garden City

Postby rohithv » July 19th, 2012, 5:51 pm

Hello Folks,

I must say this is slowly grown to become a large database of wonderful info related to property in Bangalore.

Currently I am speculating on buying a plot in Vakil Garden City on Kanakapura road in South Bangalore. I have, so far, read good things about this gated community. However, I would like to ascertain again if there are any legal issues with this property? I have visited this place multiple times and find that there are about 70 houses which has come up. Any info or pointers related to this would be very helpful.

Associated to this I read some conflicting reports of what the BBMP considers as a legal when it comes to gated community and similar projects? Apparently there could be a possibility that BBMP might not recognize these are legal. Is that so? Can this ever happen?


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