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Legal advice

Postby viksat82 » November 25th, 2017, 11:42 pm

I came across a legal situation. Experts please help.
1. The property was a family property.
2. They (16 family members) filed a case xxxx for partition to divide among themselves in June 2010.
3. All of them agreed to divide amicably and case disposed mentioning partition clearly which part belong to every one of them in Dec 2010.
4. One of the 16 members filed another case yyyy stating, he did not agree to the partition and it is not his signature in the final decree in September 2011.
5. Developer entered in to sale deed in June 2016 based on case xxxx decision from the family member who got that portion. Sy no. aaaa
6. Developer put compound all round Sy no. AAA in July 2016.
7. One of 16 members who filed case yyyy issued notice through his lawyer to developer to cancel his sale deed since he has a case yyyy pending on entire family property in Aug 2016.
8. Developer offered one of 16 members some amount and that guy agreed and took money and signed he does not have any claim on sy no. aaaa in Sept 2016.
9. Court entered memo on case yyyy saying sy no. aaaa is excluded from the case yyyy in Sept 2016.
10. Case yyyy got disposed saying that partition under case xxxx cannot be questioned filing separate case yyyy. However he has Right to question under case xxxx.
in October 2016.
11. Developer made proper layout with necessary govt. approval, sold few sites to m, n in March 2017.
12. Case xxxx got reopened by the same guy in October 2017.
13. What will happen to the buyers m,n now?

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