Group buying of Farm Land / Coffee estates.

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Group buying of Farm Land / Coffee estates.

Post by venkyn »

Hi Admin,
I would like to enquire about buying farmland, please free to delete if it is not relavant.

Hi Everyone,
With new agriculture policies, anyone can buy farm land and build, use it for their purpose. Is anyone has formed a group to buy agriculture land/Coffee estates in a group as it yields to big discounts in prices. The lower the area costly is the price and bigger the area cheaper the price.

Let me know if anyone is interested to form such group.

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Re: Group buying of Farm Land / Coffee estates.

Post by Balu »

Hi Venky, count me I am interested.

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Re: Group buying of Farm Land / Coffee estates.

Post by rampi »


For many of us, it is a dream to have farmland. But many of us are not aware of the practicality of managing these properties. Before we plunge in it is better we understand the nuances of this idea. Those you have built their house might be aware that labor-management is not easy. After discussing with many people who got into this, I have come with a manageable solution. We can start with half-acre/One-acre plots with 25-30 people group. Each one will get marked outland with rights. This group needs to be formed and registered with clear bylaws(rules and regulations) it is a self-managed community. I am working with a developer to create the model. But he says when it comes to buying many people backout. But if we form a group and then it will help us to work with developer better. I am creating a WhatsApp group so that like-minded people can join. You can send me your phone number, I can put you into the group or email to
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