Reliable Lakedew residency

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Reliable Lakedew residency

Postby bysani » 07 Feb 2010, 03:32

Does anyone have some feedback on the reliable lakedew residency community on Harlur road off sarjapur road? I am looking for a plot in this layout and hence your honest feedback about prevailing price and quality of development in the layout will be helpful.
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Re: Reliable Lakedew residency

Postby ruharish » 20 Feb 2010, 23:14

It's not at all reliable as per my best knowledge. You check out the name and notice "aa" in the middle ... reliaable, not reliable. You look at their first layout for the developments (which have not happened yet) ...unable to recollect the name. This was the state a year ago or so, you better checkout the current state.

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Re: Reliable Lakedew residency

Postby mahesh_ms » 22 Feb 2010, 12:27

Reliable lakedew residency is BDA approved property and an excellent community. Its fully developed and already handed over to BBMP. This is the first layout by Reliaable developers, it is very much completed/happened and people have built houses and are living in it. This layout was done in 2004/2005, this is one among very few BDA approved properties next to HSR layout. Compare to prices in HSR, you can get sites at competative price in this layout, approximate range would be 2500/- to 2800/- per sq ft . Its a good buy indeed and I too am looking out for a site in this layout.
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Re: Reliable Lakedew residency

Postby MNRS » 22 Feb 2010, 13:24

I have seen reliable lakedew. Maintenance was not there. ALso, some time back I have seen the notices put by the association claiming the maintenance charges from the owners. I have seen almost some 200/400 names of the defaulters has been put on the gate.

Also, in that notice they mentioned that currently either Reliable developers or the BBMP is NOT maintaining and association has to take care of it.

Anyway, if you have any good idea about the Reliable developers, please let us know.
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Re: Reliable Lakedew residency

Postby Optimus » 01 Mar 2010, 19:41

check out these links.

All the posts on craigslist could be from one unhappy customer.
Based on some of the feedback I have got from their customers, Reliaable is not all that great developer, not a bad one either. Don't expect them to build layouts like Palm meadows.
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