BDA Allotted site 50 x 80 SMV Layout 2nd Block 80ft Road

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BDA Allotted site 50 x 80 SMV Layout 2nd Block 80ft Road

Postby pssabitha » December 4th, 2016, 4:14 pm

1. Location of the plot / house / apartment : Site #118, 80 ft road, SMV Layout 2nd block, Between 100ft road and Nice road, 0.5km from BWSSB water tank
2. Size details - For Plots - total area and dimensions; for apartments/built houses - plot total area, and dimensions, built up area, carpet area. : 50 x 80, 4000sqft
3. Facing (which side the plot faces - North, South, East, West) : North
4. Information about developer / builder.: None
5. State if it is a BDA plot or not. : BDA
6. Approvals - BDA, BMRDA, BBMP, DC conversion etc. : BDA
7. Katha type - Specify whether it is A katha or B katha or other : A-Khata
8. Price info - price per sq. ft and total price.: 5000Rs/sft Negotiable
9. Eligible for bank loans - State if buyer can apply for bankloans (If Yes specify the known details about banks). : Yes
10. Contact info - preferably both email and phone, or at least one.: if interested, please e-mail at
11. If direct seller or Broker.: direct seller
12. If Broker - post the fees/commissions you charge. : None
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Re: BDA Allotted site 50 x 80 SMV Layout 2nd Block 80ft Road

Postby prashant_gvt » March 8th, 2018, 11:38 am


Is this still available?I am interested in this.Please call me on 9538358944


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