Anjanapura 9th Block, E facing, BDA site for sale

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Re: Anjanapura 9th Block, E facing, BDA site for sale

Postby jackalbda » January 27th, 2011, 9:23 am

Looks like Kavery water is gonna come in Anjanapura area... ... 368452.cms

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Re: Anjanapura 9th Block, E facing, BDA site for sale

Postby nagsbhat » June 29th, 2011, 2:33 pm

I totally agree with 'siteforsale'. I was both a buyer and a seller at different times. Recently I sold a site and based on the comment of some members in this forum I never posted it for sale. I got a positive surprise for the price I got from the market.
Few of my thoughts - As houses come up, prices go up. Any place in Bangalore, with BDA, BDA approved layouts with 60% houses the minimum price is 5000/- psft.
You can't have all the parameters in your favour - regulatory approvals, location, facilities, price. You have to compromise at least on one parameter. Instead of ridiculing sellers, check the ground reality and take a bet, I am sure you will not regret. For a good BDA site in a good location, it is bound to give a good return. Premium site now will be a premium site even in the future.
If you are dreaming an independent house, like everything plan 10 year in advance. BDA sites generally came up well only between 10-15 years after allotment and it is no different for SMVL or BSK or Anjanapura.
All the best!

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Re: Anjanapura 9th Block, E facing, BDA site for sale

Postby PRASHDN » January 1st, 2018, 1:06 pm

I completely agree with you. I've experienced it myself. When you are confident on your quote, please stick to it. In my experience, brokers demotivate both buyers and sellers by pushing down price at buy side and pushing up price at sell side and sometimes the brokers will take this margin by agreement.

siteforsale wrote:As some members may be aware, BDA has provided Cauvery connection to Anjanapura with regular water supply (may not be as frequent as we may like it, but it's there for sure). Then again, there are many parts of Bangalore where Cauvery water supply is non-existent yet they are priced much higher.

Having said that, there are some on this forum who are attempting to mislead or spread incorrect information, perhaps, with intent to negatively influence buyers and drive down prices so they can buy cheap.

While buyers may disagree on the valuations, it's completely upto them to decide whether they wish to invest in a place or not, based on facts, not false information.

As for valuations, Anjanapura and BSK6 are perceived as being too high because both these layout are largely uninhabited, except for a few houses and some new constructions. While that's a fact, it's also perhaps true that this is why prices haven't reached the levels of a Banashankari 3rd stage (6000+) or even a Banashankari 5th stage (3000psft). When more houses come up, prices in Anjanapura and BSK6 will go the exact same way as they have in virtually all BDA layouts - HSR to HRBR.
Of course, if constructions don't happen fast enough, appreciation will be delayed. But it's safe to say that no one who owns a BDA site regrets it once the area develops because you will be sitting on a premium asset.

Again, whether a layout is inhabited or not is not the only parameter to decide if prices are fairly valued. Prices being a function of demand, it is fairly obvious why BDA sites fetch higher prices (even if uninhabited) as compared to other layouts. If the information I have is correct, Anjanapura, BSK6 and Vishweshwaraya are the last few BDA layouts in Bangalore where one can still buy at 1500-2000 levels. And these are also the last few layouts at these price levels which will be available for sale or purchase for another 10 years. Because all future BDA layouts come with a 10-year lock-in clause wherein allotees cannot sell the plots for a 10 year period.

As members, we are all buyers and sellers at different times. And most of us have invested hard-earned money into our investments after expending considerable energy, time and study. So painting an incorrect, misleading picture is wrong and rather unfair to all the members who own sites at Anjanapura.

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