Borewell rules in Bbmp approved layouts

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Borewell rules in Bbmp approved layouts

Postby adityaadi » February 15th, 2016, 11:59 pm

Hi ,

Can we get a borewell work done in a site(Bbmp approved layout ) which is closed to public borewell (<100m)

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Re: Borewell rules in Bbmp approved layouts

Postby msn1270 » February 16th, 2016, 10:58 am

Remember, now on wards BWSSB is going to charge Rs. 100 or some percentage of the water tariff/per each house in a site as sanitary charges for borewell
users along with the regular water bill. If you feel, that will be an added expense, look into other option like there are many areas in older Bangalore, where
people in a street have taken connection from the BBMP public borewell and daily they get water for around 1-2 hrs in a fixed timing. They need to arrange
the Materials for one time connection and also pay a nominal amount of around Rs. 200-300/ month which varies on area (no invoice or bill for this :D), it saves
you the bore well investment & also additional sanitary charges by BWSSB.

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