Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby bisdhdh » March 16th, 2013, 5:27 pm

sanjaymi wrote:Hi, This is Sanjay. I booked one plot(30 x 50) in Ombalaji Jasmine prior to their BDA approval. I liked the locality as Brigade and prestige having apartments nearby, another project Sunvilla is also in the nearby locality. Ombalaji is yet to get the hard copy of BDA approval. As per them, APL42/2011-12 is their B.D.A file number. Please try to verify that from B.D.A office. They had put the advertisement at most of the internet property site such as 99acres, magicbricks, sulekha etc. But it will be better if somebody get it verified thru BDA office. As per developer, this area is under BBMP limit and they have BDA approval. Please let anybody know if they have any more input on this or if anybody else have booked property their. Thanks.

Hi Sanjay,

This is Biswajit . I remember we have talked over the phone on this project. Could you please give me call at my number(9036804582), need to discuss few more things about this project over the phone.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby praveenvatsa » March 30th, 2013, 8:50 am

I have been in touch with Om balaji for a long time to buy a plot and just wanted to share some factual points:-
Our payment plan: 30% agreement+70% registration
1. I have not paid anything till now and we are negotiating in group to buy 6 plots.
2. When I asked to put Master plan(a map vinay shows every time, 33 acres including amanitas like playgrounds, club house, swimmingpool etc) in the agreement copy as an annexure, he completely refused. Only verbal assurance about master plan
3. I asked to specify the amenities which are going to be provided in agreement but they denied to put in the agreement "only verbal assurance"
4. Om Balaji refused to take responsibility of credibility of any documents shared via email(when I asked to put on agreement, he wildly refused):- Lack of awareness of IT law.
5. Om Balaji looking for full payment without any layout development, even practically he is not committing for single piller.
They says that they will complete development within 3 months and ready to put in agreement, but when you asked for 70% payment once development is done(it is matter of max 3 months), then they refused to commit and not ready to wait for 3 month for remaning 70%amount. If they are so sure about completion of construction in 3 months, why not registration after completion(I was ready to pay interest for remaning 70% during construction period). It's a matter of only 2 months
My discussion:-
a. I asked for construction based installment, they refused "Mai Nahe karge"
b. Then I said I want of hold 30% amount till completion of basic things(road, water and power) but they refused, "Aisa hai, Mai Bola na ke Mai Nahe karge, BOLE TO KOI NAHE KARTA"
c. then I also said I will pay interest from date of agreement to completion of construction on due amount, for this option also he denied. "mai bola na, mai nahe karega"
d. He said " bole to mere liye kay hai, Maii to 15 days Me development Kar deinga" I said please take 15day more time from my side lets go for registration within 1 month. "App jo cahta oo nahee ho sakta"

It seems that they are looking for full amount in advance but no practical assurance for layout development. If you relate land development with payment then only developer will do what they say otherwise they will invest your paid amount in other project. But here developer is not giving any kind of practical assurance.

Actually they will not do any construction and will buy time behind government clearance(They may say that government is delaying for approval(power, water, pollution etc) then they will say "what can I do I'm following government but government is taking time", Keep in mind they BDA Layout has not ready as per BDA work order. BDA officer will supervise the work then only BDA will give consent for go ahead for 2 acres(188/2) for that they have 5 years time. The Developer has not shared NOC from KSPCB, BWSSB and BESCOM, these are primary certificates required for BDA approval. They have already taken 1 and half year for BDA Work order and they have legally another 5 years time to delay construction)

still..discussion is on...if somethings new comes up, will update

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby praveenvatsa » April 7th, 2013, 1:14 pm

I have book Plot No 226(BDA:12) by paying 3 lakhs. Om Balaji promised to provide amenities(mentioned in brochure, website, master layout and youtube) but not added same in the agreement to sell. Before this, We mutually agreed on final copy of agreement via email, when I was about to sign on physical copy agreement at that moment I found that they changed some clauses without our consent/information, it happened two times. Legally agreement is done via email but Om Balaji is not ready to execute the same on physical copy of agreement. I heard that my allotted plot has been sold to another person, I don't know how it is possible. Ultimately, I sent a legal notice to execute the agreement. Let's see what happens!

I know one of his customer has filed case against him for cheque bounce.

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby praveenvatsa » April 7th, 2013, 5:10 pm

Presentation related this property:
Feedback related to this property:
One property two companies! First 2006 to mid 2011, Second mid 2011.. Both companies used same pictures & punchline for brochures. Om Balaji is successor of Shiviri of same land!

SHIVIRI PROPERTYS PRIVATE LIMITED, Date of Incorporation: 27/11/2006. OMBALAJI HOUSINGS AND INFRA PRIVATE LIMITED, Date of Incorporation: 21/04/2011(started selling land since day of incorporation, normally company takes time to buy and start project). Both look similar in nature of functioning.

There is an another comment by gdeepakg at, commented on 19-05-12


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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby sanjaymi » April 26th, 2013, 4:28 pm

Hi All,
Ombalaji Jasmine is progressing well now. They got BDA approval for 2 acres of land and now development work is in progress. Based on this many of my friends took plots there. Ombalaji people discussed with me and suggested to continue as their customer. I agreed on that. I have taken plot num 10(from the approved 2 acre land). Registration is yet to happen, waiting for bank approval. Just thought to pass on this message to all.

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby sriram » April 26th, 2013, 4:34 pm

They took 1.5 years to get approval for 2 acres. So, it is not sure how many years it will take them to get approval for Phase-II which is around 20 acres. And I have doubt on their financial capacity since they could not refund the booking amount of many people who wanted to withdraw/cancel. Another important point is the layouts close proximity to the dumpyard. Even if we assume the dumpyard may be moved in future, still the groundwater contamination is irreparable. So, its still a high risk in my opinion.

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby bisdhdh » April 26th, 2013, 6:04 pm

Hi All,

I want to give brief update on this project. I am following up this project for almost 1.5 years. At that time they didnot get the BDA approval. Due to ILEGAL dumping of wastes near to that elevated place at some distance from Ombalaji jasmines project this BDA approval got delayed as they had to get NOC from pollution control board and stop the ILEGAL dumping. So all these days I was waiting for the BDA approval and I did not go ahead with booking. Few months back they got the approval from BDA. Myself along with my 5 friends verified the authenticity of all the documents via various resources (eg. Lawyers, BDA People through some friends, private LAW agencies, RTI and Banks ). All the docs related to the approved 2 acres were verified and they were clean. After that I had booked plot 11, phase I and my friends had booked others.

1. The project is propose to happen in three phases: Phase I (2 acres), Phase II(~9 acres) and Phase III (~22 acres). As of now Phase I is approved by BDA and the Phase II is in process.
2. In the Phase I, there are 34 plots. Out of that 13 sites release by BDA as of now.(1st release). Rest 21 sites will be released by BDA in two phases as per the development work done by the developer in the layout.
3. I have seen the BDA work order for this layout and had compared that with BMRD work order. I found out that the BDA norms are stricter than BMRDA and they have much more clauses/felicities than any normal BMRDA layout. So development work and quality in the layout should not be an issue to us.
4. We also verified the status of the proposed Peripheral Ring Road from the BDA office. We came to know that the road is sure to happen and is 800 meters from the layout.
5. We had also checked the quality of the ground Water report and can share the lab report if you want. @ Sriram, Please do not speculate things before you had gathered facts. No one is fool over here. Everyone over here has their own brain to understand. So it’s better to share the facts rather than you own personal perception. Please do not take it personally. I request the same to everyone to share the facts rather than your own understanding.
6. I have created a group for the people who had booked plots in Ombalaji jasmines. So that we can be in touch and coordinate things in future.
7. If you are already part of Ombalaji jasmines, please send me a mail to with you Name, Phase no and the Plot no. I will add you in the group.
8. People who are looking for buying plots at Ombalaji jasmines and want any information about the project can mail to this group id So that you can get in touch with all the people who had invested.

I am planning to create google-drive where we will upload all the relevant docs related to this project and I will share the link over here with read permission. So that people who are interested can download them and can get it verified by people we are more qualified to comment on those papers rather than listening to different persons view over the internet and getting confused. By the way myself along with my friend’s had approached banks like LIC Housing, Axis and State Bank of India for the approval of this project and processing our loan. As per my knowledge LIC Housing verification process is done, Axis and State Bank of India will take few more days. We are planning to go ahead with SBI.
If this project is having some legal problem all these banks would not approve this project. So don’t believe anyone over the internet and do your own investigation.

Development work at the layout had started on April 14, 2013.

Progress of the development works :-

Date : April 26, 2013

Date : April 19, 2013

Date : April 14, 2013

I will update you guys if I get any other information. Till then bye.. ;)

Best Regards,
Biswajit Sadhu

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby praveenvatsa » April 27th, 2013, 2:21 am

Someone has shared photos, looks like a marketing agent of builder. I would like to ask following questions:-

1. Can anyone(agent of builder who is active on this site) give an assurance in writing that all 60 acres lands belong  to the builders?
2. Has anyone gone for registration of a single plot up till now?
3. Why they are struggling to sell a single plot since 2008? if builder is genuine 
4. If all lands belong to them why don't going for BDA approval for all lands together why only for 2acre and took 2 years
5. Can they put clauses of amenities in agreement what they show on maps or in video ?
6. Have they not changed the sentence of agreement in last moment without any information? not once but twice
7. Is It not a fact that cheque bounces if cheque is issued by the builder?
8. Is it not a act that a survey number had/has litigation issue? which belong to someonelse
9. Don't know previous company had cheated several customers for two years before 2011. Just after old company , a new company is floated looks like they are working in shift.
10. Don't' know similarly between previous company and this current company ?
11. Have they ever completed any project? do they have any credibility in market?

RT NOW, They have 13-14 Sold plots(already booked), after that what? nothing. Who will buy agricultural land? These facts are not sufficient to make up a mind?

Come on grow up, you chasing a mouse ignoreing the mountain. Of course , the builder got BDA work order for 2 Acs , rt now they can sell only 13-14 plots(all are booked/blocked). This is a pure marketing strategy to trap more customers, these are sample plots , on the basis of that they want to sell not approved land. If they are genuine then they should have gone for 60 acres approval, why only for 2 acs. Rest of plots are non sellable for residential purpose as per norms. Let them to get approval for rest of lands( happen ?), then only people can buy. Someone booked BDA approved plots and encouraging other to buy non BDA approval? Which unfair advice, People are not fool, these days it is risky to buy any non approved layout.

Personally, I have already started a legal procedure. My legal notice going to expire soon, after that I will sue in court. I don't bend down or compromise, why should I tolerate his cheating/fraud.

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby bisdhdh » April 27th, 2013, 11:57 am

I guess those question are directed to myself.
FYI, People over here. I know praveen and we met a number of times regarding this project. He has some personal issues with the builder in which i dont want to get into.

I felt bad as i was called agent over here. It's ok that's how praveen talk. In-fact very rude sometimes. But Praveen knows the truth himself.
@Praveen, After the election next month myself along with all my friends i am going for registration. I will surely share the EC copy after that as a proof. ;) For your information when the layout gets complete watch out for the price. You will never get the price which we got.If you what the layout to be complete before you what to register you we have to pay almost the double of what was asked from you.(This is one of his concerns) :D

The fun part is the question he had asked he knows the answer of all of them as we had discusses all these question within our group when we went to the builder's office a number of time. :) I guess he is asking all these question again boz of his personal grudge against the builder and i do not want to be a part of that.
People over here i am a buyer and i had done lot of research before investing my hard earned money and i request everyone over here to do their own research by some credible and unbiased person/organisation rather then believing in hokes.
@people over here if you guys have any query and you can mail to that group id and only the people who had invested are a part of that Group not even the builder or any one from his office are included in that Group.

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Re: Om Balaji Jasmines Near KR puram

Postby satty » April 27th, 2013, 1:26 pm

Hi All,

This is Sathish. i am the PROUD Owner of that plot No. 12 :). And I am one of that friends group biswajit had mentioned earlier.
First of all I am not here to promote OMBALAJI or something. I am just giving the facts that are 100% true to my knowledge.

Yes. earlier they had some issues in getting the BDA approval because of that illegal dumping in the nearby area. But everything is cleared now and they are progressing really well.
I am very happy with the way the development is happening. I am waiting for the Bank approval for loan. i heard LIC housing had already approved. Waiting for SBI to approve and plan to take loan with SBI. Once that is done we will go ahead with the registration.

@all, you don't have to believe in whatever ppl are saying here. You do your own investigation and go ahead only if you are satisfied. after all its your money. and your investment. you should be 100% happy with it.
If you ask my opinion, i am 100% happy with the investment as we proceeded after doing thorough investigation and the way they are doing the development work.

If you have any questions please send a mail to ::


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