Info on Citi Sites Bangalore Pvt Ltd

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Info on Citi Sites Bangalore Pvt Ltd

Postby rajeevanand » August 3rd, 2014, 8:54 pm

During 1994-2000, a company Citi Sites Bangalore Pvt Ltd was in operation. I'm one of the 100s of people who invested in a plot in their layout in Hejjala, Bidadi Hobli, Ramanagaram District. Their office was in Batavia chambers, Shivananda Circle, Kumara Park East, Bangalore.

The developer having collected money for development charges, registration, khata transfer, etc absconded. Fortunately atleast registration was complete in our case. However, khata transfer is yet to happen. I believe it's the same with many 100s of other members.

Except for this layout, where absolutely no development has happened, there is lot of development around. So, am considering taking up this matter and mobilise other members of this layout to come together and form an association so that we can realise the benefit of our investment and make it ready for construction.

I request any members of this forum who know about this company to pass on information about this company to me here or on my blog http://citi-sites-mysore-road.blogspot. ... rs-on.html.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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