Farm House Approval process - What needs to be done?

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Farm House Approval process - What needs to be done?

Postby sun » February 11th, 2017, 2:02 pm


We have decided to build a small farm house in Coorg, and I am not sure of the "Approvals" that I need to obtain from different authorities before starting construction. Could anyone in the group guide please? Below is what I have done till now -

- It is a Agricultural land - Coffee
- Decided on the location to construct a 700 SFT house, collected required documents (RTC, Mutation register, Income certificate, KYC docs etc etc)
- Approached Panchyat office - 3 different suggestions given as in -

1) Approach DC office, with RTC and Family Tree etc, submit an application to convert the "10" or "5" cent land, also said charges would be huge, once converted, no hassle
2) Specific to farm house - approach local Thashildhar office, submit reqd documents and relax. "Charges apply", approval may or may not come. No conversion of the land will be done. If approvals are received, property details will be added in "Panchatantra" software and all good.
3) Just go ahead and build. Complete everything, then submit an application to Panchayat office saying, now that we have built house, please provide water and power. "with charges" they will sanction it. The house details will be maintained in "Unauthorised Houses Register" in the office.

I a sure the process would be to build a house in an agri land throughout the state. If anyone has any details, would definitely help.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Farm House Approval process - What needs to be done?

Postby sun » April 21st, 2017, 6:18 pm


It turned out to be more simpler than expected at the end. When I went to Thashildhar office, re-directed to local panchayat office. Met a very nice lady PDO (Panchayat Development officer). She asked are we trying to build a new house or renovate a ancestral house, told her that we are planning to build a new house, and dont touch ancestral house as its a extra cost to bring it down, clean the debris etc.

She pointed out that this is the usual mistake everyone does. If I have apply for a new farm house, its a lengthy procedure. May take upto 3-4 months. But renovation licences are processed in 1 week. Why dont u spend 2 hours on JCB cost, level the old house and take the renovation license for the same.

Just took that route, got the license done, cleared the old house and in the process, what looked old house fetched 50% of the wood required for the new house :) All Teak :)

Lessons Learnt -

1) Land conversion is not easy and pricey
2) Getting a renovation license is easier than new farm house license
3) Be it renovation or new license - expense is around 15K. ( In my case this included 1% in the form of DD to Panchayat, 1% of renovation proposal).
4) NOC from MESCOM is required
5) If water connection of panchayat is taken, NOC for the same is to be taken saying after giving a letter stating we dont use Kaveri water for construction.

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