Plot purchase- Vendors responsibility

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Plot purchase- Vendors responsibility

Postby DVT » March 24th, 2017, 5:57 pm

We purchased a revenue site in north Bangalore before 6 months. The documents were verified by couple of advocates. The property owner had a case (partition suit) running with their fathers sister for another property they owned.But this survey number( where we bought the site) was not in the case. Recently after they sold all the sites in that layout , the other party in the ongoing case filed a revision harji and included all the people who bought the site into the case.

In the registered sale deed there is below point as a part of sale agreement

6.The Vendor do hereby covenant with the purchasers that she will indemnify and reimburse the purchasers, their legal heirs, and assigns against the losses and damages being made on any body’s behalf on account of any defect in title latent or patent of the vendor in respect of the schedule property hereby conveyed.

With the above point can we be excluded from the case ? Is there any legal provision for the same.The folks who bought the site are mostly working people. So finding it difficult to manage the case

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