Single phase submersible motor for 900 feet borewell

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Single phase submersible motor for 900 feet borewell

Postby sano » June 7th, 2018, 6:22 pm


I have a building with 3 houses where I have a borewell of depth 920 feet and a texmo 3phase submersible pump. Motor is absolutely flawless, sufficient water is also there. But the problem is 3 phase power. We are short of 3 phase supply most of the time and the motor is unable to pump water. Single phase current supply has no problem.

Due to the frequent problems with 3phase current, I have decided to change my motor to single phase. But single phase motor is available for a maximum depth of 800 feet. I am planning to buy a new single phase motor and put it at a depth of 750 feet in my 920 feet borewell. My engineer does not find it as a good solution.

Has anyone gone through a similar scenario? Will there be any problems if I leave about 170 feet below the pump? If this works out, my 4HP 50 stage 3phase texmo pump will be on sale. Please don't suggest me to work with BESCOM to sort out the 3 phase issues as I have decided to invest my valuable time on better things.


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