Builder delaying house construction

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Builder delaying house construction

Postby protect_nature » December 29th, 2018, 1:07 pm


We have given our house construction work(G+3) in a 30*40 site, for a full contract(signed to complete with 85 L) and the construction began this February. Somehow gradually builder slowed down work pace since mid of this year giving some excuses. My friends say 50 percent work like flooring, plumbing etc is remaining and we have already paid him more than his work , so we started questioning when he asks for his pay as per contract. He has received 55 L so far, expected 5-10L every month , though work progress is not on par with money he has taken. Till now only work finished is G+3 walls with just plastering.

Since a month, still slowed down and he has been sending just 2 masons and when we ask to other work simultaneously he tells it cant be done simultaneously. We are fed up and stressed of his irresponsible behaviour and need to solve this.

We tried to speak to him so far to finish work at least in another few months, but does not look like he is going to unless he gets more money which we realised is not a good thing to do anymore.

Only option left is to get a new builder but am thinking about cons of changing the builder at this point.

Your views and suggestions are appreciated, thanks much

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Re: Builder delaying house construction

Postby swamy_blr » December 29th, 2018, 7:52 pm


Very sad to hear your status, not sure what is your agreement with your contractor on completion and payment schedule.

Usually in material contract the payment schedule is based on milestone like work completion -
Advance - Foundation- walls - RCC(floor wise)- plastering etc...

Since you mentioned till plastering is done, after plastering the major cost comes - Electrical items, flooring, plumbing, painting, elevation, grill work, compound etc...

So at this point if you change contractor then it will be additional cost , better you speak with him and compromise to complete it even if takes 1-2 month extra.
If the quality of work is not satisfied, then better change him and go for new contract or else take labour work.


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Re: Builder delaying house construction

Postby protect_nature » January 14th, 2019, 8:30 am

Thanks swamy. We spoke to him but it is of no use. Unfortunately, we started looking for masons and trying to complete on our own now. Its disheartening to see how people can act for self benefit.

If anyone wants to know, his name is Devi Prasad alias Babu, based in south bangalore. Pls avoid him

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Re: Builder delaying house construction

Postby keerthi2006 » January 24th, 2019, 3:14 pm

hi protect nature,
Yes if you are looking for proper finish yes things cant be done parallely. I would suggest not to change the engginer. To get the work proper done wait for it. dont hurry up engginer.
Correct way of constructing the house is not doing multiple works parallely.

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Re: Builder delaying house construction

Postby ardesarchitects » January 25th, 2019, 1:04 pm

When you are stuck in these situations, only way is to start asking for breakup of payments as per each work status ( yet to be started & finished ) . If you are holding only 30 lac of 85 lac let him give break up costing for pending works. It should be very elobrate payment list per floor and per room may be.
Also you should ask for advance amount to be paid while starting specific work and finishing stage amount.
Construction is not product market shopping to pay in lump-sums of 5 to 10 lac per month . you need to understand the percentage of cost he incurred at every stage and pay him proportionate percentage of money.
Contractors will always ask 10-15 lac per slab but you would never ask them slab means does it include wall, plastering, door and windows fixed or not ? . Any mistake they do in structural work is only seen or realized by you during finishing works by then you would have paid more than 75% of money.

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Re: Builder delaying house construction

Postby Renujadhav » February 4th, 2019, 4:20 pm

Selecting best builder for the construction of our dream home is not an easy task. Before selecting builder there are many things which have to take into consideration like the reputation of the builders, his experience, worker team and many more.
Check out the projects of builders in Amravati.

We dont find any useful information from the website you shared here. This forum is not for marketing . You need to share your knowledge with other members.

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Re: Builder delaying house construction

Postby to_manish_11 » February 5th, 2019, 4:49 pm

This is the normal practice contractors follow to get things their way. I faced similar situation.
Contractor wanted extra money and instead of explaining me any cost escalations or any other issues he started doing this.
I put my foot down and discontinued the work. Got the remaining work(10-15%) done through a mason.
Once you give more money you will always be struggling.

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