Problems related CC/OC not provided by builder

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Problems related CC/OC not provided by builder

Post by vijay57 »

I have purchase top floor out of four floor apartment. All the other floor buyers already got khata in their names and AEH RR number in their names. My khata is awaited. But builder says CC, OC are not required since building is already completed in 2016 with 4 kitchens and height is less than 45ft. Since power and water connection is already available no need to worry. Will this create any problem in future
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Re: Problems related CC/OC not provided by builder

Post by ragalax »

In that building BBMP has given permission for building only 4 kitchens (4 residential units) but the builder might have constructed many units in place of 4.
and BBMP gives permission only for stilt+gound+upper 2 floors only in case if residential house and maximum up to 4 kitchens since you have taken a flat in the 4th floor (or a complete floor itself) and it is unauthorized one so you won't get A-khatha not only you all other flat owners also will not get A-khatah. They might have got a B-Khatha.
for this building you will not get OC/CC because of illegal floor and/or more residential units that the given plan!

coming to worry part, you need to worry until your building legalized may be by akrama-sakrama (don't know by when)
there are lot may people in banglaore like you who has purchased the flats like this (mostly because of less price and good location) and living in it for years together (this is positive side).
when it comes to selling it is difficult for you to sell it, as these kind of apartments/flats will see depreciation in price (if not there will be very less room for appreciation) once someone occupies it.
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Re: Problems related CC/OC not provided by builder

Post by msn1270 »

BBMP Khata, CC & OC are given to only those buildings which are built as per the sanctioned Plans.
If any deviations from the original plan, you won't get them forever and you are just an illegal
occupant in that building as per present laws. Hence your builder is misguiding you.

Many builders claim CC stands for Commencement Certificate, which they may have taken during
the Plan Approval & to start the construction. But for a buyer CC means Completion Certificate, to be
taken by the builder after the Completion of the construction.

BESCOM Meter, can be changed to your name without any issues, as it doesn't need CC or OC.
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Re: Problems related CC/OC not provided by builder

Post by ardesarchitects »

Hi Vijay,
OC and CC has nothing to do with before 2016 . Thecnically for smaller apartments like yours there is no byelaw that can give permission as apartment . Most of these kind of buildings are shown as shown as individual owned buildings . Floors that are voilated will never get khatta . If i am not wrong the other flat owners would have got B khata or bifurcation khatta.
Power connection, water connection has nothing to do with Completion certificate .

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