Design on Septic Tank suggestions

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Design on Septic Tank suggestions

Postby kraghum » November 8th, 2019, 2:15 pm

I am looking for suggetsion on septic Tank for my farm house

Current plan is to use the grey water directly to plants (Bath and Kicthen), have a pipe connected and outlet opening to coconut tree open to farm land 20-30feet away from home.
For Flush/Toilet system use a septic Tan (as per mestry, dig a round pit for 7-8 feet and install few concrete rings and shut it with cover)

This will system will be used by two people with guests (~4-6) on weekend,

Is there any new design/sustainable approach that anyone used, any suggestion or best practices to be followed

Thanks in Adance

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Re: Design on Septic Tank suggestions

Postby ardesarchitects » November 9th, 2019, 7:45 pm

Hi, Raghu
You can adapt twin pit method instead of single pit.

"Twin pit toilets are scalable, implementable and cost-effective; and therefore can have a great impact in making rural India open defecation free (ODF). Further at a cost of Rs. 12,000, they are easy to use and make. They comprise of two pits, each measuring 3.5 feet deep and one metre in diameter; the distance between them being one metre.

When twin pit toilets are used, fecal matter will be allowed to pass and settle in one pit only. When that pit is filled in about four to five years, the channel to the first pit is closed and the second opened for the fecal matter to pass into. After a one year rest period, the content of the first pit will be converted into manure and can be removed and used for plants. The same procedure is followed when the second pit gets filled"

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Since its a farm house you can use the manure very well.

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Re: Design on Septic Tank suggestions

Postby kraghum » December 20th, 2019, 3:18 pm

i used twin soakpit as you suggested, costed around 18k including rings labour etc in total

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