BDA apprived layout but Gram Panchyath Khata

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BDA apprived layout but Gram Panchyath Khata

Postby vikaskenchapur » January 17th, 2020, 7:19 pm

Hello All,
I need your expert comments/feedback on my below concerns
I am in discussion of finalizing a plot at 'Green Valley- Address' Doddabele colony, off Mysore road.
As per the developer, the layout is BDA approved but he doesn't have Khata from BDA/BBMP/BMDRA. The developer says, he has applied for e-khata from BDA but not sure when is he going to get. If he fails to get one, he will be registering the plots with Panchayath Khata (Gollahali Gram Panchyath)
1. I wanted to know if it is fine to go ahead with Panchayath Khata, will there be any problem when i want to construct a house as i am looking for immediate construction
2. If we go with Panchayath Khata, won't the land value deprecates? I am not sure, what is the current guidance value for this location- it would be of great help if someone help on this too.
3. The developer is quoting 3300 Per Sqft. Is the price ok assuming we will get the Panchayath Khata
4. If the developer manages to get a BDA e khata, is that all i need to construct a house (do i still need a khata from BBMP/BMRDA etc)

It would help me if someone shed some light on my above concerns

Appreciate your help on this and thanks much in advance!


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