inputs on Architects

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inputs on Architects

Post by tux »

looking for inputs on how to go about residential construction on 30x45 plot in kengeri area.
appreciate if anyone has feedback from recently completed construction on how to shortlist Architect & builder. either full post or personal IM would be helpful.

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Re: inputs on Architects

Post by ardesarchitects »

Hi Tux,
There are many discussions and topics in this forum to know about architect and builder role in the construction.
I suggest you to read them in leisure. Simple methodology to be follwed for any construction

1. Architect
* You need to choose an architect who can give you a clear vision and future proof designs as per your requirement.
* You need to check the previous works done by him/her .
* Its suggested to meet them in person since architecture and interior design is subjective
* Check thier projects on website / social media platforms
* Architect should explain you the whole process of design and execution in detail .

2. Once design is finalized
* Aprroach min two contractors with your clear requirements - Its suggested not to approach contractor with out having a clear idea on what you need
* Cosntruction is not about cement /sand / steel alone
* Workmanship, time line commitment, effective use of materials, Aesthetics in line to functionality

3. Costing
* Once you receive clear costing break up including payment schedule and other details from contractor please spend time to compare the quotes with the help of architect.
* You should get your own understand on the costing to plan your finances well advance

4. Execution
* With the help of architects services you can plan for execution time lines, monitoring system, logistics etc
* Cash / funds flow in very important to be monitored at all levels
* Worskman ship to be monitored with archtiects help as its made from the shell level, most cases you may not realize the mistake till the finishing level starts
* Quality & strength is not just about more cement /sand /water mix. Quality and strength is only when proper mix of materials is made and used in proper method.

5. Material selection
* Use the architect services to take a well calibrated decisions in selecting materials.
* Material selection should always be in sync with your costing and finances, to avoid future surprises.

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Re: inputs on Architects

Post by Armchair_general »

Hi Tux,

Few tips.

1. First have clear requirements on what your project should look like. Is it for self, or rent or a combination of both. Write it down, keep it future proof for the next 20 to 30 years.
2. Once the requirements are clear, write them down and keep this with you until you complete the project.
3. Search for Tier-2/3 architects who are willing to work with your dimensions. Few architects refuse to take up projects lesser than 3000 SQft, some take any projects.
4. Understand the conditions from Architect, some prefer to take up projects which has their chosen contractors. Pros: Contractor will execute and not argue back.
Cons: No transperancy in billing. Your budget will balloon if there are changes. Also risky if relationship sours between you three. No matter what, the loss has to be born by the owner.
5. Interview and meet not less than 4-5 architects. If you check their current projects, double plus.
6. Once the architect is chosen, get the proposal for the design. They will give you a few designs, and walk you through the 3d design of the house. Once you are satisfied, ask for a Bill of Quantity.
7. The bill of the quantity is the mother of all documents which will give you the break up of material.
8. You can ask for a further improvement, asking for calendar and schedule of the construction changes along with labour.
9. You are happy with the Boq and have the budget in hand, start on the hunt for the contractor if you are choosing your own contractor.
10. Any contractor who claims that architect is not needed, they know better than the architect or propose the cost can be reduced, drop such contractors.
11. Dont bargain too much with the contractor, as the first two instalments you pay the contractor is his fees for the project. The rest will come from the material commission.
12. Contractor should only execute the designs provided by the architect and structural designs.
13. Before finalising any section of work, get the architect and structural engineer to come down and visually inspect.
14. Have a contractor to agree on the breakup of the schedule of payment in the agreement.
15. There will be a communications gap between architect and contractor. It is your responsibility to keep the confusion from hampering your project.
16. Construction is a huge responsibility, unfortunately the burden of getting a house built as per satisfaction will be entirely on the owner.
17. Risks will become bigger when contractor starts disagreeing with the architect. Funds will get depleted and the contractor starts losing interest in your project as he will be actively looking at the next new project to fund himself.

I am not saying everybody is out to loot and cheat you. You will be looted and cheated, but it depends on what is the agreable percentage.

You can look at my thread of construction. Drop me a PM if you need any advice.

Glad to help you.
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Re: inputs on Architects

Post by nitinku5021a »

Great Input. One question though. How the cost is calculated for Labour contract. For eg. If the living room is of double height, does the roof area is calculated twice or once (in G+1) for arriving at total cost? The prevalent way I think is based on chadra but my confusion is with this kind of structure where the living room is of double height.
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Re: inputs on Architects

Post by Armchair_general »

Regarding labour, depending on the section of the house it differs. Labour rates are different for compound, for parking etc. Need to be careful about that.

Ask the architect which are the standard labour rates applied on the sections of the house, and what are the different labour rates for parking/compound etc.

Then check the rates with the contractor.

There will be a section in the BOQ, for labor. That has to be filled by the contractor. You can ask him to break down the labour costs as well.
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