Clean Energy and Efficiency in Real Estate

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Clean Energy and Efficiency in Real Estate

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Dear Building Owners,

Do you believe in Green Buildings?
Do you know how much energy is being wasted in your Building/facility?
Do you like to Save Money on your Water and Energy Bills annually?
Do you want to improve your Buildings in-door environment?
Then write to us...

We are happy to inform you that we are Energy Service providers to your buildings. We are a group of entrepreneurs in India working on some of the practical solutions to save energy and water in your building facilities. We have Best Available Technologies and Government Incentives to promote green, clean and sustainable energy solutions to your Buildings.


'eCUBE Solution' is professional firm based in Bangalore. We have designed some of the energy efficient building designs, LEED and GRIHA certification for your buildings that can save substantial amount of rupees in building operation. We would request you to send your requirement to us and we will provide you best solution to integrate energy conservation measures at no-cost (FREE), as per volume, or at nominal cost. The benefit is yours. Our advance metering, building insulation will save lots of money in energy consumption. Reduce your Energy Bill monthly?

We provide products and services for existing buildings and new buildings (commercial, office, and residential) to monitor hourly energy consumption, perform Energy Audit and Management, Green Building Designs and BEE start rating for commercial office and malls. Will also help YOU to monitor your own Bungalow/Villa/Condos in terms of energy management.

Please do write to us for cleaner and efficient energy solution for your existing and new buildings.

Best regards,
Arun B.
eCUBE Solutions
Indiranagar, Bangalore
95600 35231
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Re: Clean Energy and Efficiency in Real Estate

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Hi Arun, Thanks for your post. It was extremely helpful.

You mention that your company can save energy for residential buildings! I was wondering will it be by changing design of the building or the efficiency of equipment used. Because department of energy mentions about the integration of energy efficient solutions in a building. Other than that there is a good article on a website called Atomberg, which talks about the energy efficiency of ceiling fans. They claim to save upto 33% of energy per annum. Do you believe it could be possible given the technological development of ceiling fans?

Anyways, thanks for your post.
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